Verdelet stared with contempt into the terror filled eyes of his latest corrupt soul, "So what's the matter Nikki? I guess with your Catholic upbringing, you'd expected Hell to be just one huge burning lake of fire and brimstone. Well I'd hate to disappoint you but that Catholic one size fits all vision of Hell is just wrong. Down here Lucifer's servants have a demonic ability to match the torments of Hell to sins that consigned a person's soul to this the inescapable depths of the pit. And Nikki I've planned something truly diabolical for you since your list of sins is almost as long as it's distinguished."

Nikki stared at the terrifying demon as he continued, "Nikki, you've married seven times in less than ten years and always for money. You've wantonly used you considerable beauty and charm to seduce each of your husbands, all of which were far older than you. Then on exotic honeymoons in distant lands you arranged for your long-time lover to murder each of your husband's so that the two of you could collect their money."

Nikki struggled against the utter horror that threatened to overwhelm her senses, "How is this possible? How can you know all this about me?"

Verdelet smiled as he replied, "Nikki, you're in darkest depths of Hell and Hell is where you will remain for all eternity. And like all demons I Verdelet, Hell's master of ceremonies, need only gaze upon you to comprehend the sins that forever stain your soul."

Seeing the look of horror in Nikki's eyes Verdelet smile darkened, "Of course, even I couldn't have planned your punishment without your considerable help."

The demon Verdelet could sense Nikki's confusion as he continued, "Once as a teenager you watched an old horror movie that featured a diabolical instrument of torture that was used to brutally execute women found guilty of adultery, those nightmarish images of agonizing torment still haunt you till this day, don't they Nikki?"

Teetering on the verge of insanity Nikki desperately glanced at the razor sharp spikes the lined the interior of the Virgin of Nuremberg's door before staring into the demon's glowing red eyes as she begged, "Please not this, anything but this. I don't want to die like this!"

Verdelet glared at the horrified woman's abject terror as he coldly replied, "Your deeds brought this nightmare upon you Nikki. Oh, and I should remind you that since your already dead you can't actually die in Hell. Anyway, I'll be back tomorrow evening to listen to your screams. I'll open the Virgin, briefly heal your wounds and then once again close the Virgin of Nuremberg."

Seeing the sudden look of horrified comprehension in Nikki's tearful eyes Verdelet smiled as he stated with an ominous air of finality, "Welcome to eternity Nikki."

Nikki's screams of unadulterated agony were music to Verdelet's demonic ears as he closed to front of the Virgin of Nuremberg, driving the hideously painful spikes deep into Nikki's body. At times like these he truly enjoyed being a demon...

Artist Note: I know, just another Virgin of Nuremberg inspired image, but then again Nikki did request it and like countless men before me I've never found it easy to tell a hauntingly beautiful woman no.