Paige Xuisse smiled at the look of surprise on her host’s face, “Seriously Minos, when I heard you were planning a barbeque to celebrate this year’s spring equinox, did you really think I’d miss it?” Glancing over that the two women slowly roasting over the coals Paige smiled, “And if I’m not mistaken, there’s still one spot open over the coals.”

Minos could see the lustful look of anticipation in Paige’s eyes as she continued, “We both knew this day would come. Since that day, when I first asked to use one of your images on my old website, ‘Wishes of a Kinky Mind’, I’d suspected that you’d be the one who’d eventually bring my darkest most diabolical fantasy to life. So why don’t you take this spit and get that Jessica spitting machine ready while I pin up my hair and take off this bikini.”

Seeing the look of evil anticipation in Mino’s eyes Paige almost laughed, “I’ve always known you’ve wanted to roast my ass, so what are you waiting for?”