Glancing around at the piles of bones littering the abattoir’s blood-splattered floor, Heather felt a chilling twinge of fear at the sight of that sharp-looking knife in her host’s hand. Gesturing toward the extensive collection of bladed weapons prominently displayed behind the glass doors of a nearby wall-mounted cabinet.

“Seriously, Baxter, you’re going to use a knife? With all those delightfully gruesome options, I would have thought you’d want to be at least a bit more creative.”

Seeing the look of indecision in his eyes, “I’ve known for some time that you produce actual snuff films. But I never imagined that your invitation to do a bondage photoshoot was just an excuse to butcher me for your demanding audience’s sickly perverted amusement.”

As Baxter thoughtfully looked over at the display cabinet’s assortment of obscenely lethal contents, “Still, I must give you credit. After watching a few of your obscenely gruesome films, I decided to add starring in one of your snuff films to the bottom of my bucket list. Of course, I never expected it would happen to me quite this soon.”

Setting aside his knife, Baxter paused as he opened the glass doors of his display cabinet, “Heather. If I might ask, how is it that you discovered my identity?”

Smiling, I replied, “Although I’ve been a fan of your snuff films for several years, it wasn’t until we met at the reception after this year’s indie film festival that I realized who you were.”

A questioning look appeared on Baxter’s face as he responded, “I’ve always been careful, so what gave me away?”

A faint grin appeared on my face, “It’s your signet ring. It’s quite distinctive, perhaps a family crest? That, and you’ve worn it in almost all of your snuff film productions.”

I felt my heart skip a beat as he removed a sword from the display case. Taking a deep breath, I continued, “Isn’t that an authentic sixteenth-century Italian swept hilt rapier?”

Pausing, with a look of surprise on Baxter’s face, “Yes, it is, and I’m intrigued that you recognized it. Three and a half feet of iconic, deadly, Italian razor-sharp steel.”

Shrugging, “I’ve always had a fascination when it comes to classic swords, or at least a dark fascination imagining what it would be like to have one of them thrust deep into my guts.”

Setting aside his sword, Baxter raised my right arm and snapped the dangling steel manacle snuggly closed around my wrist. I could feel the heat of his intimidatingly massive erection against the bare skin of my lower back as he reached around to lock my left wrist in the remaining steel manacle.

“So, I guess this is the moment when you force that large ballgag deep within my mouth and strap it tightly in place, then using the overhead hoist, raise me onto my toes before putting on your face-concealing mask and switching on the cameras. Personally, once the cameras start recording, I’m looking forward to the coming hours of multi-orgasmic Viagra-fueled debauchery. My body repeatedly used to satisfy all your darkest sexual desires interspaced with enduring brutal agonizing torment at the end of your whip, not to mention those delightful red hot irons.”

Glancing down at the impressive bulge in the front of Baxter’s pants, “Of course, all good things have to come to an end eventually, and sadly, I’ve noticed in your snuff films, your erection usually seems to last for only about four hours. After that, I guess you’ll just have to kill me with that sword.”

Later that night...

As he lowered Heather’s corpse into the acid, Baxter smiled at the look of horrified surprise that appeared in her eyes as he ran her through with his sixteenth-century Italian swept hilt rapier. Lately, about a third of the women to die within his abattoir were snuff film groupies. Those unsuspecting women believed that his films used special effects, never realizing until that fatal moment that his victims all died before the cameras.

In the morning, after the last of Heather’s flesh has dissolved in the acid, he’ll add her bleached bones to the steadily growing piles that decorated his abattoir...