I’ll always remember that look of confusion on Linda’s face as I secured the restraints around her wrists, “I don’t see any horror special effects. Do you create all the blood and gore effects completely by CGI?”

Smiling behind my concealing metal mask, “Actually Linda, I prefer not to use special effects or CGI in my productions, I’ve always strived to capture the authenticity of the moment in my films.”

There was a sudden look of horrifying realization in Linda’s pretty eyes as she briefly fought against her restraints, “Your films, they’re not simulated snuff are they?”

Pausing to strap that oversized ball gag deep within Linda’s mouth, “That’s correct, I never simulate anything in my snuff films, all the agonizing pain, all the gruesome mutilations, all the blood and gore, and in the end, all the deaths are one hundred percent authentic.”

Picking up a knife I sliced through the straps of Linda’s revealing black latex bodysuit and stripped it off Linda’s sensuously shaped body before pausing to grope her impressively sized breast before lighting the torch, “You may be interested in knowing, that after I finish burning off your nipples, I’m going to skip the whole red-hot needles into the breast's thing. That way, during the end of the grand finale, I can de-breast you to harvest your breast implants for my growing collection.”

Later that night, as I disposed the last of Linda’s dismembered corpse within the acid tank, I had to admit she turned out to be tougher than most. After I finished with her nipples, I used the torch on her clitoris, most women usually faint at that point, but Linda didn’t even flinch. And, in the end, even after I disemboweled her, she was still conscious long enough to watch me, through tear filled eyes, as I harvested her breast implants. I guess she was fond of them, after all they are truly magnificent...