It was just starting to rain as Emma pulled up in front of a rundown office building near Galveston harbor. Surprised at the location, she and her lover usually met at his place, she smiled as she wondered if tonight Andy had planned something special, perhaps something, extra kinky. Briefly pausing to double-check the address, she exited her car to the sound of the approaching thunderstorm and walking as quickly as possible in six-inch heels raced through the rain toward the building’s entrance. Entering the building’s dimly lit lobby, Emma took the elevator to the building’s top floor and followed the directions to the rear of the building, the sharp rhythmic click of her heels against the hardwood floor echoing down the silent dusty corridor.

The office was, just as she’d imagined it, majestic but long neglected, decades of dust and cobweb’s coating the furniture. However, the office did have two redeeming features. First, a panoramic view of Galveston harbor through the plate-glass windows spanning the office’s entire back wall, and second, a padded steel bondage cross similar to the one found in the basement playroom of her lover’s home, a delightfully intimidating bondage restraint she’d become intimately acquainted with over the past few years.

Standing by the windows, watching as the thunderstorm intensified, the thunder and lightning illuminating the storm’s heavy wind driven rain, she heard the office door open. Turning, Emma felt a sudden ominous sensation of cold terror tightly gripping her bosom, her lover’s face unexpectedly hidden behind that ugly metal mask and holding that deadly looking machete in his hand. Clearly, Andy decided to take her whole ‘Damsel in Distress’ fantasies to a new and delightfully more perilous level.

A seductive little half smile half pout slowly appeared on Emma’s face as she slipped the straps of her tight silk dress from her shoulders, “Andy I already know, that after you finish strapping me to that bondage cross, you’re planning to ravage me sexually, using me to satisfy all your dark twisted and perverted sexual desires. However, I was wondering, do you plan to ravage me before, or after I die an exquisitely painful death on the blade of your machete?”

Holding her dress up against her breasts Emma smiled as she watched Andy set the machete aside, the large prominent bulge in his tight jeans telling all she needed to know as she whispered, “Good choice lover,” and allowed the smooth silky material to slither sensuously down her curves to pool around her high heels. Within minutes Emma hung helplessly from the bondage cross, her long, stocking clad, legs wrapped tightly around Andy’s waist as she felt her first orgasm of the evening rapidly approaching.

Hours later, Emma’s orgasm exhausted body still hung from the bondage cross, only half awake as she watched her lover getting dressed. Andy had always been a considerate lover, passionate and imaginative when it came to giving her just the right mix of pleasure and pain she so desperately craved but her husband was never interested in providing. And yet tonight, he’d taken her more ruthlessly than ever before. He must have taken some kind of super Viagra. She was sure she’d felt him climax inside her several times, but he’d never seemed to lose his erection as he continued to relentlessly fuck her for hours. And even when she thought, he finally finished he wasn’t done. Repositioning her legs high up on his shoulders, he did something, something she’d always fantasized about but never dared ask for. It didn’t matter that she wasn’t ready. It didn’t matter that the lingering wetness of her arousal that coated his erection barely provided enough lubrication. He brutally violated her ass.

She’d known that anal sex could be painful but the pain went beyond anything she’d imagined, the oversized ball gag filling her mouth barely able to stifle her screams. And yet, despite all her desperate screams of agony Andy never relented, a cold look of cruel sadistic amusement in his eyes as he continued to ruthlessly sodomize her, each powerful thrust burying his cock balls deep in the straining depths of Emma’s rectum.

Emma continued to scream and yet, like the brutally tortuous nipple clamps dangling from her breasts, the agonizing pain radiating from the obscenely violated depths of her ass gradually became something else, pleasure. Emma realized long ago that she had masochistic desires. That pain only made her pleasure more intense, but she’d never imagined something this powerful, this erotically intense. The pain was still overwhelming but now so was the pleasure, that first anal orgasm like nothing she’d ever experienced, the ones that followed even more intense.

Watching as Andy pulled his shirt on Emma wondered if he’d started working out, the muscles across his shoulders and back seemed more pronounced than she remembered, but it wasn’t until he finally spoke that she realized the horrifying truth.

Picking up the machete her lover turned toward her as he casually mentioned, “I would have settled for disemboweling you and harvesting your breast implants for my collection, but I’m always up for some kinky action first. By the way, babe, I’m not Andy.”