“You should never have betrayed me, Quinn. We’ve only been married for a month, and you decided to have an affair? And, with Jeffery, of all people, my best friend?”

Seeing the anger in Edward’s eyes and the ominous way he held that heavy iron-tipped cudgel, I felt a cold sensation of terror coursing through me as I realized it was likely I wouldn’t survive the night. I desperately wanted to beg his forgiveness, to promise him anything if he’d spare my life, but I already knew it was hopeless. The large penis gag he’d stuffed in my mouth when he brought me to our hidden dungeon playroom ensured that.

“I might have forgiven you and simply asked for a divorce, but not with Jeffery. A betrayal like that can not go unpunished. Tonight, I’m going to beat you to death with this cudgel. I promise that your death will not be easy, as I intend to break every bone in your body before you die.”

Seeing a look of desperation and fear in Quinn’s eyes, Edward felt his resolve wavering. Still, only momentarily, “Once you’re dead, I’ll strip your lifeless body naked and dump it in the family crypt, where the carrion beetles will strip the flesh from your bones in a matter of days.”

A horrifying look of grim satisfaction appeared on Edward’s face, “When the carrion beetles have finished with you, your remains will be joining Jeffery’s in an unmarked vault in the family crypt where the two of you can spend eternity together.”

Moments later, I screamed in agony as Edward viciously swung that heavy cudgel, brutally crushing my left kneecap. He was horrifyingly correct. Mine was not going to be an easy death.

Later that night, after cleaning up the blood-splattered dungeon playroom, Edward dumped Quinn’s badly mutilated remains on the family crypt’s floor. He’d return to check on the carrion beetle’s progress in a few days.