For a truly discerning masochistic snuff toy like Faith, it often comes down to making sure you select the right executioner, someone who’s cruelly sadistic, someone devoted to making your final hours as torturous as possible, someone who’s more than willing to fulfill all your darkest intimate desires.

I traveled halfway around the world to find him, a fourteen-hour flight to Indonesia, followed by a two-hour boat ride, to reach a mansion on a small privately owned island. That evening, as I walked up the winding steps that led to the mansion’s entryway, I could see what looked like a wall of powerful storm clouds approaching over the ocean.

Entering the torture chamber, with my wrists already bound behind my back, the first thing I noticed was the huge plate-glass window, the rain-swept glass providing a panoramic view of the storm and the ocean far below. Only when I turned away from the captivating view did I see him, the executioner standing next to the noose dangling from the auto-hang gallows that he so vividly described in our correspondence.

“Good evening Faith. So, we finally meet, welcome to my torture chamber. I trust that you are ready for your performance.”

Stepping past the already recording video cameras, I paused, a fatalistic tone of eager anticipation evident in my voice, “Yes, I’ve waited a long time for this moment to arrive.”

I felt myself tremble, as he turned me to face the video cameras and brought that noose down over my head. Freeing my hair, he snuggly tightened the rope around my neck, its knot carefully positioned just ahead of my right ear. Then, he knelt, picking up a black leather strap, using it to bind my ankles before rising.

Pausing, as he pulled out an oversized black rubber ball gag, he could see the delightful look of both anticipation and fear is Faith’s lovely green eyes, “Anything you’d like to say before I gag you?”

Smiling I replied, “Thank you for giving me this incredible opportunity to die fulfilling my darkest erotic fantasy.” Then, I opened my mouth for the gag.

It took the executioner some effort to get the oversized ball past Faith’s teeth but after a short painful struggle, it slipped inside her mouth, her jaws already starting to ache even as the executioner thread the gag’s strap under her hair and clinched its buckle tight.

Smiling evilly beneath his executioner’s hood, “Oh, before we begin, I thought you’d like to know that I decided to alter your plans for this evening.”

Seeing the questioning look in Faith’s eyes, “I’ve decided to change the length of your torturous foreplay. I know you requested two hours of painful torture and sexual frustration before you hang. However, I’ve decided that four hours seems far more appropriate.”

He could see the look of fear in Faith’s eyes as she desperately tried to object to his last-minute change, but thanks to that oversized ball gag wedged behind her teeth, all that escaped her lips were a few faint muffled whimpers.

Still smiling, the executioner ignored Faith’s unintelligible utterances and reached into his pocket for the vibrator’s remote control. Switching that vibrator on, he pressed the up button on the auto-hang gallows wall mounted control box. Holding the button, he watched the rope growing taut, the tall six-inch heels of Faith’s high heels gradually lifting from the floor as she fought to keep from choking. As he watched the distance between the floor and tips of her heels grow. Her heels rose half an inch, then an inch. He could see that she was struggling to balance on the balls of her feet. Inch and a half, then two inches. Finally, at about two and a half inches he released the button. He estimated, that while the toes of her shoes were still flat on the floor, most of her weight now fully balanced on her toes.

Bound and gagged with that noose tightened snugly around my throat, I helplessly watched as he reached into his pocket and removed the remote for that vibrator already inside me and switched it on, but only at its lowest power setting. However, even as that vibrator begins its diabolically stimulating work, I feel the noose tightening around my throat as the rope above me grows taut, it's slowly mounting pressure gradually drawing me upward off my heels before it stops.

Pausing to admire Faith’s painfully perilous position, her executioner turned without saying a word, and left the torture chamber closing its sound-proof door. Moments later, he reached the control room where his staff was monitoring Faith’s desperate struggles, six large wall-mounted monitors displaying the chamber’s video feeds in real-time while on the console's main display the four-hour countdown timer showed three hours and fifty eight minutes remaining.

Now alone and trapped helplessly struggling to balance high on my toes, I can feel the noose threatening to choke me as it slowly grows tighter around my throat, as I realize I’ve been consigned to endure four long hours of painful torture and vibrator induced sexual frustration.

Four hours later...

In the control room, the executioner gleefully watches as the four-hour countdown timer dropped below sixty seconds remaining.

Walking over to the auto-hang gallows remote control panel, he glances up at the monitors and smiled. Faith was quite the sight, her long struggle had left her shapely body glistening with perspiration, perspiration that combined with the massive amounts of saliva that leaked out of the corners of her sensuously gagged mouth had thoroughly soaked her already revealing white bodysuit, turning the thin white material almost completely transparent, and leaving nothing to her audience’s imagination.

Pausing to recall one of their earlier correspondences, Faith mentioned in passing that starring in her own snuff film appealed to the exhibitionist side of her masochistic nature. With that in mind, he reconsidered, perhaps the thin white and now utterly revealing bodysuit were an intentional choice and not an unfortunate oversight.

Glancing back at the countdown timer, he noticed it was counting down its final seconds. Picking up the vibrator’s remote, he waited until the countdown reached zero and switched the vibrator to max.

When that vibrator suddenly switched to its highest setting, its increase in stimulation quickly pushed me over the edge and I climaxed in one of the most intensely powerful orgasms of my life.

Recognizing that Faith was already in the thralls of a powerful orgasm, the executioner placed his finger on the top button the control room’s duplicate auto-hang hoist control. Waiting until her back arched, as every muscle in her body tensed, he activated the auto-hang hoist to raise Faith upward until she was hanging with the toes of her high heels about six inches off the torture chamber’s floor.

Moments later, as my first orgasm of the night climaxes, the noose suddenly pulls even tighter, as the already taut rope around my neck gradually lifting my upward off the floor.

Over the coming minutes, I can feel the noose gradually tightening, slowly and painfully strangling me as I helplessly struggle against the inevitable, all the while enduring orgasm after powerful orgasm.

Thirty-six minutes later...

Watching from the control room, the executioner noticed Faith’s body convulsed one last time before hanging lifeless from the noose. He smiled at the thought of that convulsion of Faith’s dying body was quite possibly also her final orgasm. She’d managed to survive almost thirty-eight minutes, and if he were correct, during those thirty-eight minutes, she’d climaxed at least fifty times. He was starting to consider that Faith’s death might become his most popular video.

Downstairs, the crematorium is already heating up and in a few minutes his staff will return with the gurney to transport Faith’s corpse down to the basement and into the waiting flames. In the morning, after the crematorium cools down, they’ll vacuum out her ashes and discard the half-melted remains of her vibrator...