In the end, I believe Carmen knew there was no way out, that there was nothing she could say or do that would prevent her obscenely gruesome and agonizing death. Of course, even though I hadnít gagged Carmen, Iíd sprayed that vocal cord numbing solution down her throat, rendering her mute.

Iíve seen dozens of Ghostís horrific snuff videos. So, when I finally worked up the courage to ask to star in one of his videos, I knew I was offering to die a painfully unpleasant death simply for his audienceís darkly perverted amusement. Thatís why I stared in disbelief as he turned back toward me. I thought he would pick up one of his knives and either stab me to death or, more likely, stab me and pull that blade downward through my guts, mutilating my insides as he disemboweled me in that signature explosion of blood and gore.

Instead, when he turned back toward me, Ghost was holding a utility knife, something Iíve only seen used in his brutal snuff videos once. Iíd been expecting a painfully messy yet relatively quick death, bleeding to death within a few minutes at most. Staring at that utility knife, I realized, to my horror, that my death would be anything but quick or easy.

In the one video where Iíd seen that utility knife used, Ghost disemboweled the woman, cutting her open from the underside of her sternum down to her crotch, just like he would have done using one of his larger knives. Except, when using the utility knife, there was no signature explosion of blood and gore. Instead, the blade only cut deep enough to pierce her abdominal wall. It took almost fifteen minutes before the pressure of her insides finally opened that incision wide enough for that first loop of intestines to slither free. Then, another thirty minutes to empty the rest of her entrails. Still, even then, with the abattoirís floor covered in her guts, she survived for another three brutally agonizing hours before she finally died.

In that timeless moment before Ghost brutally cut me open, I realized the horrifying truth, there was no way out. And even though Iíd come here of my own free will, I was still nothing more than his next victim in this terrifying place. Iíd come here expecting to die an agonizing death for his amusement, and this promised to be a delightfully slow and obscenely torturous affair, delightful at least from the audienceís perspective.

Ghost smiled behind his face-concealing mask at Carmenís desperate cry of pain as the utility knifeís razor-sharp blade effortlessly opened her belly while doing only minor damage to her insides. Then, stepping away, he gave the video cameras an unimpeded view of Carmenís freshly mutilated belly.

Tears running down my cheeks, I watched in helpless disbelief as Ghost set aside that bloody utility knife and left the room even as those first few loops of my small intestines spilled to the abattoirís blood-stained floor.

Watching from the control room, Ghost had removed his signature mask and was enjoying a glass of wine as he and his exclusive, live-streaming audience enjoyed the darkly amusing sight of Carmenís intestines gradually spilling to the floor of the abattoir. Ultimately, it took almost four hours before Carmenís body hung lifeless from the restraints, her slow but steady blood loss finally ending her life.

Terminating the live-streaming feed, I saved all three camera videos to my hard drive before returning to the abattoir to harvest Carmenís breast implants for my collection. Then, after I dump her dismembered corpse into the acid, Iíll open a bottle of Champaign to celebrate. Because while less than half of my victims had breast implants, Carmenís implants will be especially memorable. Theyíre the five-hundredth set Iíve added to my collection...