Ashley thought she was more than ready. Still, like every other woman who’s entered my abattoir, she was wildly wrong.

I’ll never forget the sound of her desperate cries of agony as I cruelly thrust that razor-sharp knife deep into her belly. Or the delightful way her sexy body convulsed with each brutal twist of that blade within her guts.

Still, Ashley did manage to stay conscious for another thirty-eight minutes of unrelenting torment before she finally finished bleeding to death.

In the morning, once the acid has finished dissolving her flesh, I’ll add Ashley’s freshly bleached bones to those of my previous victims, joining all those already littering the ancient catacombs beneath this castle.

I discovered long ago that when it comes to brutally murdering a hardcore masochist like Ashley, the line between their pain and pleasure remains murky at best. The way their bodies respond, the sounds they utter, and even their facial expressions send mixed signals. And, while each fresh twist of that knife sent overwhelming explosions of unbearable agony coursing through Ashley’s sexy dying body, she might have been enjoying it...