A shamelessly devote lifelong masochistic pain slut, by the time Sara turned thirty-eight, she’d come to realize that she’d experienced just about every kind of agonizing torture humanly possible to endure without the risk of almost certain death. And yet, she craved more, so she finally decided to seek him out, willing to pay any amount and knowing that regardless of the money, it would still demand of her the ultimate price.

It took several months, but she'd finally found him in a dark web Internet chat room. One of the world’s most notorious serial killers, a man who’d produced countless obscenely torturous snuff films, the Ghost. Their conversations eventual led her to this place, the basement of a seemingly abandoned warehouse in Seattle, the secret location where the Ghost was currently producing his incredibly brutal snuff films, the place, where tonight Sara would happily become his latest victim.

Coming down the stairs into the basement, she found the Ghost already wearing his distinctive face concealing metal mask, “Sara, any last requests before we begin?”

Having seen several of his infamous snuff films Sara was familiar with the horrifically gruesome deaths Ghost’s victims always seem doomed to endure, she smiled, “Well as we’ve already discussed, I want to endure long hours of creatively brutal, agonizingly painful, torture and mutilation before you finally butcher me, but surprisingly I do have one final request.”

Pausing to smile suggestively, Sara started to undo the buttons of her coat, “While I know you haven’t done it in a while, I was hoping you might consider revisiting the whole cutting of your victim’s lifeless head and skull fucking me during the closing credits, personally that’s always been one of my darkest masochistic fantasies.”

Slipping her long black leather coat off her shoulders, Sara allowed it to drop to basement floor leaving her standing before Ghost dressed in nothing but her high heels, coyly smiling as she stated, “I think you’ll find that I’m more than ready to begin.”

A few minutes later, as he finished securing Sara tightly against the steel bondage cross, Ghost was pondering which torturous mutilation to open tonight’s live webcast. Varying his routine added a sadistic element of suspense for both his audience and many of his victims, especially the ones like Sara, who’d already seen several of his previous snuff films. He’d been planning on inserting red hot needles under Sara’s long manicured fingernails until he suddenly noticed how prominent and painfully erect Sara’s nipples were. Firing up the torch he’d already decided to delay the red hot needles could wait until after he finished burning off Sara’s nipples.


Six long hours of obscenely brutal torture and mutilation later, even Ghost had to admit Sara’s almost boundless willingness to suffer had finally impressed him. With Sara, he’d only needed to use the smelling salts once. Although, like most of his victims, even Sara fainted when she felt the heat of the torch’s flame caressing her clitoris.

Setting aside the sheet metal shears he’d just finished using to amputate the last of Sara’s fingers, Ghost paused to wipe the blood off his hands before picking up one of his signature butcher knives. Then, smiling darkly behind his face concealing metal mask, Ghost reveled in the look of exhausted masochistic acceptance in Sara’s tear filled eyes, “You’ve seen some of my films and think you know what’s about to happen, but you’re so wrong. You expect that I’m going to push this razor-sharp blade deep into your abdomen until I feel the tip grate against the vertebrae of your spine as I brutally twist the blade within your guts.”

Pausing as he savored the look of surprise on Sara’s face, “Not to worry, while I fully intend to disembowel you, it will not be in the obscenely messy explosion of blood and gore you’ve come to expect from my films. Instead, I’m going to use the razor-sharp tip of this blade to slice you open, only cutting deep enough to open your abdomen without doing significant damage to your internal organs. After that, I think you will find gravity will do the rest.”

Unable to prevent what was about to happen, Sara screamed in horror as Ghost pushed the tip of his razor-sharp blade into her belly before carefully slicing to downward toward her crotch, the passage of that cruel blade leaving a trail of white-hot agony as it effortlessly opened her abdomen.

Ignoring Sara’s pathetic screams of agony, Ghost grasped her right breast, stretching it outward from her ribcage as he brought his knife up and effortlessly sliced it from her chest. Pausing to separate her rather impressive implant from the ruined remains of her breast, Ghost dropped the bloody handful of flesh onto the growing pile of intestines pooling around her high heels before carefully placing her implant on the table. Unable to catch her breath, Sara could only watch in horror as Ghost casually amputated her remaining breast, cruelly harvesting its implant for his collection.

Carefully setting Sara’s remaining breast implant on the table next to its matching companion, Ghost set aside his bloody knife and reaching down to the table’s lower shelf picked up the large surgical saw. Turning back toward Sara, he grabbed a handful of Sara’s hair and roughly pulled her head up until their eyes met, “I promised you that your death would not be a quick or easy one. I think we’d both agree that I’ve fulfilled that promise. You also knew from the start, that I planned harvest that rather impressive set of breast implants for my growing collection, and when you realized that I didn’t intend to grant you a painful but relatively quick death by disemboweling you in an explosion of blood and gore, that I’d harvest your implants while you were still alive.”

Bringing the surgical saw up to the side of Sara’s throat, Ghost smiled behind his face concealing metal mask, “Sadly, you never realized that during those early closing credits, when I skull fucked many of my victims, they were all very much alive when I cut their heads off.”

Later that night, as Ghost dumped the last of Sara’s dismembered corpse into the acid, he had to admit that intense look of desire in Sara’s eyes, even in those final fleeting moments of her life, as he used her warm, still moist, mouth orally satisfying his darkly sadistic lust, would forever remain one of his most memorable moments...