11:50 AM, the chef, could hear the outrage in Barbara’s voice, “When you asked me to help get the main course for tonight’s private banquet ready, somehow you failed to mention that I would be the main course!”

She’d heard all the darkly whispered rumors about the restaurant’s monthly private banquets. Now Barbara finally knew that the truth was far more diabolically hideous than any of those darkly whispered rumors.

“And yes, I know what this horrifying thing does. I knew that the restaurant owned one, but I never expected this. It’s called a Jessica-5000 automatic spitting machine. It expertly drives a long stainless steel skewer through a woman’s body, entering through her vagina and exiting out of her mouth, and it does so in less than five minutes. It essentially renders a woman into nothing more than a piece of meat and has an obscenely high 99.99% survival rate. Of course, that only means she’ll live long enough to roast alive over the coals before she finally dies.”

Glancing over at that sharp-looking skewer, one of Barbara’s hands instinctively pressed against her lower abdomen, “I’ve heard the rumors about what happens after a woman’s strapped onto the Jessica-5000’s restraint frame. That, once she’s helplessly bound, it’s customary for the chef to use the woman’s body to sate all his perverted sexual desires.”

Swallowing hard, Barbara forced herself to take another step closer to that deadly-looking machine, her eyes widening in fear as she realized just how sharp the tip of that skewer was. Her fingertips were already slipping lower to rub her throbbing clitoris through the tight, arousal-soaked denim of her low-cut jeans as her other hand rose to caress her slender throat.

“I’ve also heard that being skewered is excruciatingly painful. Most women screaming in agony throughout the entire process, or at least until the advancing tip of the skewer reaches their vocal cords. After that, the only sounds they can utter are soft faint moans. Of course, it doesn’t help that while the skewer is moving through her body, the chef is usually anally ravaging her, his cock driving agonizingly deep into the straining depths of her ass. After all, once that skewer starts to move, any consideration of her pleasure becomes irrelevant. She’s already nothing more than meat.”

Pausing, Barbara pulled her mid-drift top up over her head, dropping it to the floor as she kicked off her shoes and peeled her skin-tight jeans down her legs, “I’ve never told anybody, but since my first day here at the restaurant, I’ve fantasized about this happening. I find the very thought of ending up as the main course at one of the restaurant’s monthly cannibalistic-themed banquets so intensely erotic.”

Nude, Barbara willingly climbed up onto the Jessica-5000’s restraint frame, kneeling on its leg supports, submissively brought her hands together behind her back as the chef secured her ankles and knees. Then he locked steel cuffs around her wrists, “This is going to be so damn hot, erotically as well as quite literally.”

Locking another set of restraints around Barbara’s elbows, the chef leaned her forward across the waist and neck supports, securing her tightly in place, before he glanced over at the clock and noticed it was just a few minutes past noon. Smiling in eager sexual anticipation, he stepped up onto the Jessica-5000’s raised platform as he undid his pants, finally releasing his massive, painfully throbbing erection.

6:55 PM, knowing that his guests would start arriving in just a few minutes, the chef worked quickly to complete the preparations for this evening’s banquet. Barbara’s perfectly roasted body resting upon a massive silver platter at the center of the buffet table, with her decapitated head prominently displayed on a matching silver spike directly behind it.

The chef fully expected tonight’s roast would be his best one yet. The more pleasure and pain the meat experiences before her death over the coals, the more tender and flavorful her flesh becomes. Barbara, having over a dozen orgasms before he started that spit into her vagina, following her high-pitched screams of agony as that spit slowly and painfully skewered her body. Even after she was slowly rotating over the coals, he thought she might have experienced a few more orgasms every time he basted her. Well, at least, until Barbara finally died about seventy-five minutes into her six-hour cooking time.