Jen thought it a bit odd that everyone on the set was naked but she wasn't going to complain. This was Jen's first big break, after almost a year of waiting tables she'd finally landed a part in an indie horror film and she wasn't about to do anything that would screw up this incredible opportunity.

Still, it seemed odd that everyone on the set except her was naked, so when the props master was tying her wrists behind the post Jen couldn't help but ask, "Is there a reason why everyone on the set is nude?"

The props master finished tying Jen's wrists and was pressing the oversized ball gag into Jen's mouth as he casually replied, "On these low budget indie films they try to cut costs everywhere they can. And they quickly discovered back during the production of the first of these Machete films that hacking a woman to death with a machete is extremely messy, the blood and gore gets on everything and they simply didn't want to keep paying all those dry cleaning bills."

As the director shouted "Action" Jen suddenly realized that machete looked real and incredibly sharp for a prop. Belatedly, Jen realized that she should have asked around before taking a role in an indie horror film entitled, "Machete 6, A Beautiful Woman's Entrails."