They say that some people are just lucky. They’re just the winners in life’s lottery. That’s just the bullshit politicians tell the masses to drum up new excuses to raise taxes. You want to know what truly creates luck, try hard work and unwavering attention to detail.

So, now it’s your turn to try your luck, finish this story...

This is Amanda. Amanda’s the trophy wife of a highly successful hedge fund manager. About six months ago her husband noticed some suspicious reoccurring credit card charges, calling in a favor with a friend who works in his bank’s credit card processing center, Amanda’s husband discovered that his wife was charging over twenty thousand a month to one of the city’s most expensive escort services, charges that stretched back for well over a year, expenses that always seemed to occur during his monthly finance committee meeting in New York. Suspecting the worst, Amanda’s husband contacted someone special, he contacted you.

Hacking into the escort service’s website you intercepted Amanda’s solicitation and found her highly detailed client profile. Unknown to her husband, it seems Amanda has a hidden submissively masochistic side with a craving for dangerously kinky sex. Tonight, with her husband out of town for a meeting, Amanda’s alone and waiting for you at their isolated manor house up along the coast, the estate’s entire staff given the weekend off.

It was already dark and raining when Amanda, a half full wine glass in her hand, watched from the upstairs den, as a car pulled through the estate’s gate...


“There wasn’t another car in sight as I drove up the long winding drive and parked by the manor house, the estate’s heavy iron gates already closing behind me. And, as planned, Amanda had thoughtfully left the door unlocked.”

“I found Amanda waiting in the upstairs den, provocatively dressed, standing by the windows holding a wine glass in her perfectly manicured hand. She was a stunningly beautiful creature, I longed to push her roughly back against those windows, to ruthlessly take her in a moment of uncontrollable inflamed passion, but we both already knew that wasn’t what she’s paying me for.”

“Instead, I calmly set my small leather satchel on the table and paused to remove my coat, folding it neatly and draping it over one of the dens comfortable looking leather chairs. I could clearly see the obvious look of growing erotic excitement in Amanda’s eyes as she placed her half-finished glass of wine on the serving tray and glancing back over her shoulder, submissively brought her wrists together behind her back as I removed the handcuffs from my satchel.”

“I put the cuffs on tight, snug around Amanda’s wrists, feeling her trembling as I squeezed them an extra notch tighter, the discomfort a mere taste of what the coming night would hold...”

So, now it’s your turn to express your sinister inner thoughts and finish the remainder of this torturously diabolical tale. The winning submission will be further illustrated and published here at Perilous Thoughts. All submissions should be written from the first person perspectives of your story’s characters, they should be telling their story not you. This contest starts immediately and ends at Midnight EST on Halloween Eve October 30, 2015 so take your time, try to make your story diabolically creative, but please use spell check so your spelling isn’t... Minos