Linda's gag stifled screams echoed off the torture chamber's cold stone walls as her merciless tormentor tightened the cruel rack another agonizing notch. Her brutalized body already stretched tighter then any bowstring Linda knew that one or possibly two more notches and the steadily mounting pressure of the rack would cause her shoulders to dislocate.

It had been hours since Linda awakened upon this rack, long and almost indescribably painful hours ago. Her mysteriously hooded tormentor had said nothing as he tightened the rack until Linda's nude body grew painfully taut. Finally, he grabbed a handful of her hair and roughly twisted her head until their eyes met, "Linda, I promise that eventually you will tell me all that I wish to know. Perhaps you'd like to speak now and spare yourself all the excruciating agony to come?"

Staring up into her tormentor's cold merciless eyes Linda wished nothing more then to utterly satisfy his cruel demands. Already stretched painfully taut across the rack Linda could already feel that dull ache deep within her belly that ominously foretold of the unspeakable agonies to come. Desperate to escape the merciless torment to come Linda would have gladly told his anything he wished to know but "Mmmmph" was the only sound that escaped her already gagged mouth. Beneath his concealing hood, Linda's tormentor smiles as he watched the look of utter desperation in Linda's lovely eyes, as he slowly tightened the rack until she screamed.

In the long agonizing hours since, her mysteriously hooded tormentor had said nothing as he'd periodically tightened the rack one horrifying notch after another. Her taut body aflame with inescapable agony Linda was sure she could take no more, only to discover with every brutal increase of the rack's unyielding tension that she was all to wrong.

As the long painful night progressed Linda's tormentor gradually increased the tension of the rack until her body was painfully stretched to its limit, he knew from experience that any tighter and the tendons and muscles of her taut body would begin to fail. Already having amused himself during the intervals between tightening the rack by caning the sole's of Linda's feet, her tormentor decided it was finally time to take Linda's torture to the next level.

Linda watched in horror as her cruel tormentor removed one of the glowing red-hot irons from the coals of the brazier, "Mmmmph, Mmmmph, Mmmmph, MMMMPH!"

Deliberately choosing to misinterpret Linda's desperate muffled protests, her tormentor turned back toward her with the glowing iron in his hand, "Stop complaining Linda, I'm only planning to use this on the soles of your feet." Then smiling beneath his concealing hood he casually added, "I wouldn't think of shoving something like this up into your sex. Well, at least not until I've had the time to enjoy raping you a few times anyway."

Linda stared helplessly at the red glowing tip of the appoaching iron, "MMMMPH!!!"