When you’re an infamous serial killer, wanted on three continents, groupies are an annoyingly persistent problem. While the ones that want to marry you are bad enough, it’s the ones who seek you out so that they can experience their darkest fantasy that is often the most irritating. They meticulously plan every detail of their ultimate fantasy. It's as if, they actually believe death is willing to follow their script. Of course, there are always a few who understand that when it comes to death, especially at the hands of a serial killer, a short and to the point description of their darkest fantasy is often the best.

This darkly haunting beauty is Amanda. Her ultimate masochistic fantasy is erotic asphyxiation, to helplessly experience both pain and pleasure while slowly being strangled to death by Garrote while seated upon the Garrote’s massive vibrating dildo.

Amanda quickly and uncomfortably discovered that the dildo’s massive vibrating shaft was actually several inches too long to fit within the straining depths of her vagina. The shaft’s powerful built-in vibrator forcing her to helplessly endure a continuous series of mind-blowing orgasms even as she struggles to prevent the blunt tip of that unforgiving dildo from rupturing her cervix. And with each approaching orgasm, I gradually tightened that deadly garrote around her throat slowly, until just as she climaxes, she finds it impossible to breathe, the threat that each orgasm could be her last, only heightening the intensity of every orgasm.

I have to admit Amanda’s performance turned out to be memorable, the way her shapely nubile body convulsed with each powerful orgasm. The delightfully raspy sound as she desperately struggled to catch her breath, as I finally loosened that garrote just enough to allow her to breathe after each incredible climax. By Amanda’s twelfth orgasm I could tell, she was reaching complete exhaustion, so as her thirteenth orgasm peaked, rather than loosening the garrote, I twisted it tighter. Still, even unable to breathe Amanda managed one final climax before she died.

Switching off the video cameras, I harvested Amanda’s breast implants for my collection before dumping her remains into the acid tank. Ironically, even before Amanda’s corpse finished dissolving, several groupies contacted me, all eager to experience the Garrote firsthand...