Watching intently as Lady Jade finally started to regain consciousness, Stan smiled evilly as his helpless victim awoke only to discover her ominously deadly peril.

“Good evening Lady Jade. I doubt that you’ve heard of me. I’m Stan. Until recently, I’ve worked behind the scenes, providing many of Gotham’s supervillains with the diabolical death traps they’ve been so gleefully using to dispose of your fellow superheroines.”

“Oh, I’d also like to apologize for that painfully unpleasant high-voltage boobytrap you encountered in the tunnel leading to my lair. That much electricity would have killed a normal woman. Only a true superheroine could have survived that much voltage.”

Lady Jade opened her mouth, likely to come back with some witty superheroine response. Seeing the sudden look of confusion on her lovely face as she realized to her horror that she was mute, he had to struggle to stifle his laughter.

“While you were still unconscious, I used another of my inventions, a spray that numbs the vocal cords, rendering speech impossible. Not to worry, it’s harmless. The effect will wear off in an hour or so. Of course, you’ll be dead long before that.”

Pausing to gesture toward the deathtrap that Lady Jade stood helplessly within, “In a moment, I’m going to pull this lever, activating this diabolically ingenious deathtrap. The razor-sharp blade to your left will instantly cut through you, agonizingly bisecting you at the waist.”

Resting his hand ominously upon the activation handle, “Oh, and the best part, if you were normal, you would quickly pass out from the blood loss but not you. You’re a superheroine.”

Lady Jade’s final thought, “Seriously, I’m being murdered by a killer clown?”

Pulling the switch, “Superheroines don’t die that easily.”

Lady Jade didn’t disappoint, her high-pitched screams of agony echoing off the chamber’s cold concrete walls for several minutes after that razor-sharp blade effortlessly ripped through her guts.

Stan was diabolically right. Superheroines, while entertaining, happily don’t die that easily...