Sarah helplessly looked on in mounting horror as Ghost reached for that axe.

When I contacted the Ghost, my only request was that when he disembowels me, it’s with a weapon he hadn’t used before. I’d seen most of his snuff videos. I’d watched countless women go to their deaths, being gutted by knives, machetes, scalpels, and even the occasional chainsaw. But if he was going to spill my guts, I wanted him to use something new, unique, and gruesomely horrific to end my life. However, never in my darkest erotic nightmares did I expect him to select an axe. The axe he picked was terrifying, with its massive, razor-sharp blade. I was unsure how he intended to disembowel me using that axe, but I was pretty sure my death promised to be agonizing, exceedingly messy, and delightfully gruesome.

Turning back toward where Sarah hung helplessly within the killing room’s restraints, Ghost commented, “I found your request challenging. That was until I recalled a video I’d seen a few months ago. In that video, they brutally disemboweled a woman using an axe, similar to this one. I assure you that you’ll find the experience delightfully gruesome.”

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect as he approached. He stopped before me, grasping the axe handle with both hands, then swung the axe back and up, the muscles of his arms tensing as he raised that axe. In that timeless moment of horror, I suddenly understood just how obscenely gruesome my death would be. Then, swinging the axe downward like a golf club, its blade swinging upward between my thighs like a blur and buried itself in my crotch with a meaty thunk. The axe blade hit with so much force it instantly split my pelvis in half, sliding upward through my abdomen, destroying the vertebrae of my lower spine, and only stopping once it hit the underside of my ribcage.

I could feel the blood running down the insides of my thighs and the sound of my mutilated guts starting to fall into the waiting bucket as Ghost worked to free the axe blade lodged deep into the underside of my sternum.

Freeing the axe from Sarah’s abdomen, Ghost stepped back to admire just how effective the axe had been. Like using a chainsaw, the axe had spit Sarah’s torso from her crotch to the underside of her ribcage, but unlike a chainsaw which would have taken a minute or so to do its gruesome work, the axe sliced through Sarah’s torso in a split second and with far less mess.

Glancing up at Sarah’s eyes, Ghost could see the distinctively delightful look of pain and horror as she gradually bled to death, even as the mutilated remains of her guts continued to fill the blood-spattered bucket between her legs.

Sarah managed to stay conscious for almost five minutes before finally passing out due to her mounting blood loss. Setting aside the bloody axe, Ghost grabbed a knife and removed Sarah’s magnificent breasts, carefully extracting her implants to add to his impressively growing collection before shutting off the video cameras.

Hours later, as he finished dumping the last dismembered pieces of Sarah’s body into the acid, the serial killer known only as the Ghost considered using the axe as a failed experiment. Although hideously gruesome, Sarah had died too quickly, and perhaps more importantly, her death lacked that delightfully obscene explosion of blood and gore that his fans had come to expect...