The Human-Tcipki war had been raging for the past 280 years with no end in sight. For humans it was a fight for racial survival, while the Tcipki viewed humanity as little more then a taste snack. Juliet was human, one of the Earth Alliance of World's best fighter pilots. Romgqkklrik was a Tcipki, a highly decorated raid ship commander with over 30 planetary conquests.

Adrift in her disabled Banshee space fighter Juliet feared the worse when she'd first detected the approaching Tcipki raider. But instead of simply destroying her damaged fighter, Romgqkklrik, the raider's commander, rescued her from a slow, cold, death in space.

Everyone warned them that it would never work but Juliet and Romgqkklrik didn't care, for them it was love at first sight. Caught up in the passion of their whirlwind romance Juliet happily accepted Romgqkklrik's proposal of marriage and together traveled to the Tcipki to be married in a traditional Tcipki ceremony.

Of course, things might have turned out different if Juliet had done a little research into Tcipki customs before agreeing to take part in a traditional Tcipki marriage ceremony. If she had she would have discovered that Tcipki females were non-sentient and that a traditional Tcipki marriage ceremony involved the harvesting of the brides ovaries through ritual disembowelment followed by the wedding dinner where groom and his family ate the bride. Sadly, Juliet didn't discover just how wrong it had been to fall in love with Romgqkklrik, who she's ironically nicknamed Romeo since she couldn't pronounce his real name, until it was far too late.