“Just my luck, as usual, my idiotic agent didn’t bother to read the contract’s fine print. What I thought was going to be just another hard-core torture porn video, instead turns out to be an actual snuff film, and guess what, I’ve been cast as the star!”

“I started out in porn just a few months after graduating college. I had a degree in cinematography but without experience, all that earned in Hollywood was a place on the bottom of a very long list. My student loans were coming due and my gig as a waitress wasn’t going to cover the monthly loan payments let alone leave me with enough to cover the rent. The great irony here is that I shot my first porn video on my twenty-second birthday.”

“Back then, being a porn star paid pretty well, especially if you were young and beautiful. Six years later, I’d paid off all my student loans. I had a nice house in Beverly Hills and was driving a high-end BMW. That’s when everything started to fall apart, producers stopped returning my agents calls. I was twenty-eight and losing out against to all those younger up-and-coming actresses. Evaluating my limited career options, I contacted several of the women I knew who’d successfully moved into fetish work as their mainstream porn careers faded. One of them made a few calls and three days later I had my first bondage shoot.”

“Over the past few years, I’ve done countless bondage shoots with a variety of producers, but I also quickly discovered that it’s the torture porn shoots that pay the best. Of course, they have to pay more since the welts and bruises are real and always take time to heal.”

“Anyway, back to tonight. The bones piled against the walls and scattered across the floor, they seriously looked like movie props. However, it’s the guy playing the villain whom I was having to hardest problem accepting. Seriously, the whole killer clown thing is so passé. That was right up until to the moment, he buried the razor-sharp blade of that machete in my guts.”

“The sudden explosion of pain was so unexpected all I could do was to stare up into his stupid looking clown makeup smile in agony, as he slowly twisted that blade in my guts. My final thoughts, just before he savagely pulled that blade downward through my abdomen disemboweling me, I’m dying in a killer clown snuff video? Seriously, now I finally understand why I’ve always hated clowns...”