Itís ironic. I've always had darkly erotic fantasies of dying at the hands of a serial killer. Itís just that I never imagined, even in my darkest fantasies, that one would actually abduct me.

Coming home after a night out with the girls, I was in the parking lot, unlocking the door to my car, when I felt a sharp pain in the side of my throat, then darkness. Iím not sure what happened or how much time had passed before I awoke, only to discover Iím naked and locked inside a small cage, with what feels like an oversized, jaw straining, hard rubber penis gag locked deep within my mouth.

Shortly after, an armed man, wearing an ominous, face concealing, metal mask, entered the room and released me from the cage. Placing the barrel of his pistol against my forehead, he ordered me to put on a pair of stockings and high heels, and then, secured my wrists in these wall-mounted restraints.

Nervously staring into my captorís cruel eyes, I heard him evilly chuckle behind his face concealing mask, as I felt the sharp tip of his blade pressing firmly against my skin, the steady pressure of the blade against my flesh, just hard enough to force me helplessly back against the cold metal wall.

ďI know Blair, that it seems so unfair, all those terrifying instruments of brutal torture, and Iím simply going to gut you with this knife. Fortunately, for my reputation as a world-renowned sadistic serial killer, the only person whoíll ever see the video of your death will be your ex-husband, who paid me two hundred thousand to dispose of you.Ē

Smiling at the look of horror in Blairís lovely eyes, Ghost casually slipped the blade of his knife deep into her guts, the sharp tip of the blade scrapping against the vertebrae of her spine as he slowly twisted the blade within her belly. Then, tightening his grip on the knife, he brutally pulled its razor-sharp blade effortlessly downward through Blairís guts, disemboweling her in a horrifyingly obscene explosion of blood and gore.

Stepping back as Blair slumped down to hang helplessly from her wrists, Ghost could see the delightful look of horror and disbelief in her tear-filled eyes as she watched her bloody, knife mutilated, entrails spilling into that blood-stained bucket as she died.

Waiting patiently, until he was sure Blair was dead, Ghost switched off the video cameras before harvesting her breast implants. Ironically, her ex-husband hadnít mentioned her magnificent breast augmentation in his instructions, but regardless of his instructions, Bairís implants were going to make a delightful addition to Ghostís considerable growing collection, while the rest of his latest victimís remains, destined to disappear into that large tank of acid in the next room.