“Stop squirming Lisa, I know the cramping is getting a bit severe but that enema bag is only half empty, you still almost a gallon to go before I trip the release and hang you for the amusement of our darkly sadistic pay-per-view audience. And I promise, between that urethra plug and that huge inflatable enema butt plug I shoved into your ass you shouldn’t make that much a mess as you die.”

Smiling at the desperate sounds of panic escaping around the oversized penis gag filling Lisa’s mouth, the Crimson Contessa continued, “Seriously Lisa, even as an investigative reporter, you actually believed you could penetrate the ultra-secret headquarters of Gotham’s League of Villains, the Citadel of Evil, without fatal consequences.

Just a few minutes later, ignoring Lisa’s painful sounding cries, the Crimson Contessa smiled, as she admired the prominent bulge in Lisa’s belly as the last of the enema fluid flowed into her victim’s straining guts, the one way valve in that inflatable butt plug ensuring Lisa retained every last drop.

The enema finally administered. The Crimson Contessa started to press down upon the platform’s release lever with the toe of her high heeled boot, “And since, you’re the first female investigative reporter to die upon our gallows, I promise your demise will be slow and exquisitely torturous. Even with your guts slowly starting to dissolve from that agonizing enema mixture of water and battery acid, I promise you’ll swing on that noose for almost thirty truly painful minutes before you die.”

Twenty eight minutes later, the Crimson Contessa watched with glee as Lisa’s body finished its final dying convulsions. She was already looking forward to this year’s annual Gotham’s League of Villains Halloween Party, and while she’d always gone to the party dressed the costume of her latest vanquished super heroine, this year she’d attend wearing the distinctively tight, cleavage accenting, sweater and scandalously short miniskirt of Gotham’s formally best-known investigative reporter...