Vinnie shook his head and smiled sadly as he watched Jenni struggling against the inevitable.

He'd suspected for the last few years that the justice department had an informant somewhere in the organization but this made the eighth he'd snuffed since the new administration had taken office in Washington.

And, while it had been ugly when Tony learned that his mistress Paula was on the government's payroll, Vinnie thought Tony was going to have a coronary when he found out his personal assistant Jenni also worked for the justice department.

Vinnie struggled not to laugh as he thought about how many of Tony's previous mistresses he'd personally retired. He'd been with Tony since the early days, back when they'd run hookers and drugs in Jersey. He could still recall that pier down in the dockyards where he'd personally dumped over a dozen of Tony's girlfriends, their feet trapped in concrete, into the harbor.

Who'd have thought that Jenni, Tony's personal assistant even back then, would have turned out to be a government informant? Watching, as Jenni's long shapely legs kicked in terrified desperation, Vinnie had to admit that from Tony's perspective there wasn't that much of a difference between a mistress and a personal assistant, other then Jenni had at least known how to type.