It was only a few minutes after she locked the manacles around her wrists that Gerri realized she was in trouble.

Gerri and her husband David exchanged knowing glances when the realtor first showed them this renovated New England farmhouse. Situated at the end of a long private country road the house was everything they'd been seeking, complete with a finished soundproof basement where they could finally explore their deepest, darkest erotic fantasies without fear of interruption.

It had taken several delightful evenings of experimentation to time the ice's exact melting rate and determined how long David would have to rescue his lovely wife from her hideous demise. And like clockwork David would arrive home every Friday night to find Gerri already waiting for him in their basement playroom. His lovely wife provocatively attired in nothing but her high heels, standing helplessly upon a slowly melting block of ice, her ankles and wrists locked helplessly within manacles, and with the ominous hangman's noose snug around her slender throat.

Gerri loved playing her part in the fulfillment of their shared erotic fantasies. She loved the intensely submissive way she felt as her husband's eyes filled with lust as he watched her helplessly struggle before him. The steadily mounting terror that filled her as she felt the hangman's noose growing steadily tighter around her throat as ice slowly melted from beneath her feet. The look of darkly sadistic satisfaction in her husband's eyes as the gradually melting ice eventually forced her up onto her toes until finally Gerri lost her balance and the ice block slipped from beneath her desperately reaching toes.

Gerri loved the utter feeling of doom that enveloped her as the noose drew taunt around her throat, that delightfully submissive sensation of total helplessness that came from knowing that her next desperate breath might be her last. She loved the long hours of erotic anticipation, her arousal growing with each passing moment until at long last that slowly melting block of ice finally slipped beyond her reach. The sudden overwhelming terror as she felt the noose tightened that final increment, forever cutting off her final desperate breath. Gerri knew her husband David loved the horrifying way she kicked and struggled against the inevitable as she preformed her darkly erotic dance of death at the end of the unforgiving hangman's noose.

David would wait until his wife's struggles slowly subsided before lowering her body to the basement floor. Then, with that deadly noose still wrapped around her throat, he'd take her right there on the basement floor. Only then, with his initial lust sated would he pause to remove the rope from around her wife's throat.

As for the manacles, he'd eventually get around to unlocking the ones around Gerri's ankles. As for her wrists, those manacles would remain until he finally had to leave for work on Monday morning. Once he'd saved Gerri from her perilous demise, she was his to do with as he liked and Gerri had spent every delightful weekend since they'd moved into the farmhouse as her husband's naked and chained slave, happily satisfying his every carnal desire.

Having grown up in Boston and used to life in the city, the sudden chill in the air that Friday morning came as a surprise to Gerri. Only last weekend they'd spent the entire three day Labor Day weekend at the beach. And while she'd enjoyed the beach and the attention she drew in her tiny black bikini she was already fantasizing about the attention David would be giving her over the weekend when she'd be happily wearing nothing but heels and manacles.

Coming home after lunch she'd put away the groceries and gone upstairs to prepare herself for their erotic Friday evening ritual. Pausing to idly admire her nude form as she ran her bath, Gerri was already looking forward to her afternoon, the long hours of standing helplessly upon that slowly melting block of ice, her wrists and ankles locked in inescapable manacles, that deadly hangman's noose ominously snug around her throat as she awaited her husband's arrival.

The house was quiet and still when Gerri closed the soundproof door and made her way down the basement stairs. She still marveled at their luck in finding this place. She loved the seclusion and privacy, and she especially loved the way the house's soundproof basement allowed David and her to live out their darkest fantasies undisturbed.

As part of their restoration of this lovely colonial era farmhouse, the previous owners had finished the basement, removing the original packed dirt floor and replacing it with smooth, polished, acid washed concrete. The previous owners had equipped their finished basement as a home entertainment center, complete with a wide scream television and powerful theatre quality sound system. Purchasing the house, Gerri and her husband also intended to use the basement as an entertainment center, just not the kind of entertainments the previous owners had ever intended.

Turning on the intentionally dim basement lights Gerri smiled when she noticed David had already thoughtfully tied the hangman's noose from one of the massive steel eyebolts he'd installed in the ceiling beams. Already wearing nothing but a pair of red high heeled sandals, Gerri removed the large block of ice from the basement freezer and positioned it on the concrete floor directly beneath the ominously waiting hangman's noose.

Gerri could feel her heart racing behind her breasts as she stepped up onto the ice block's slippery surface. Carefully bending down she locked the closely spaced steel manacles closed around her ankles before reaching for the noose. The feel of the rope against her skin sent a delightful chill of foreboding coursing through her body as Gerri tightened the noose snuggly around her throat and positioned the hangman's knot just in front of her right ear.

Gerri stood there, poised upon that block of ice with the deadly hangman's noose tight around her throat. Gerri could feel her heart pounding madly within her chest as she realized that the moment of truth had once again arrived. Even though she couldn't release the manacles from her ankles until David came home with the keys, Gerri knew that she could still escape, that she could untie the noose and hop down off that slippery block of ice. Instead she took a deep breath and locked the manacles closed around her wrists.

The moment the manacles locked around her wrists Gerri felt an overwhelming sensation of submissive satisfaction filling her. Once again the hangman's noose was around her throat, that once again her very life was in her husband's hands. Closing her eyes she could already see herself poised desperately upon that block of melting ice trying to delay that final terrifying moment her toes would slip off the ice. She loved the darkly sadistic look of overpowering lust she'd see in her husband's eyes as she danced for him at the end of the rope, and then as he ruthlessly takes her for his pleasure with the noose still tight around her throat. She knew she was forever his, more then the ring on her finger could ever signify she was his. Enslaving her utterly and totally David owned her body and soul in ways that Gerri had never imagined possible but now could never live without. Completely lost within her own submissively erotic fantasizes Gerri didn't realize she was in trouble until she felt the block of ice shift subtly beneath her feet.

Opening her eyes Gerri looked down in horror at the slowly spreading puddle of water that surrounded the block of ice she was helplessly perched upon. For some unknown reason the block of ice seemed to be melting much faster then usual. Already she could feel the rope growing taunt around her throat as the puddle of water continued to grow.

Struggling to control her rapidly growing terror Gerri wished she hadn't been so insistent that there be no clocks in their basement entertainment room. As usual, she'd finished her makeup and come downstairs just after four in the afternoon. Usually that would give her about four hours before the ice melted to the point where she lost her footing and actually hung. With David getting home from work around six, that usually insured them about two hours of shared erotic stimulation before Gerri finally danced for her husband.

Gerri cried out as she felt the hangman's noose growing taunt around her throat. She wasn't sure how much time had already passed but the ice was melting much faster then normal. Already the noose was forcing her up onto her toes to relieve the pressure around her throat so that she could breathe.

Deep down Gerri had already come to accept the knowledge that she would be dead long before David came home from work. That this time she would actually fulfill her deepest most intimate sexual fantasy, that she would die by slow hanging. She only hoped that her husband would fulfill the final part of her fantasy and spend the night fucking her lifeless corpse in every way imaginable.

After all, Gerri's perilous unintended demise was her own damn fault. Uncomfortable with the chill, she'd turned on the heat before taking her bath. She'd forgotten the realtor had mentioned that as part of the renovations to convert the old unheated basement into their modern entertainment center the previous owners had installed radiant heat beneath the basement floor. And, thanks to the high heeled sandals on her feet Gerri never noticed that the concrete floor was noticeably warm to the touch.

So, instead of the usual four hours this time it took barely thirty minutes before the inevitable occurred. Just thirty minutes before the ice beneath her feet melted to the point where Gerri lost her balance. Just thirty short minutes before the cruel hangman's noose inevitability claimed her life.