I’d come expecting a hard bondage or torture porn video shoot. When I arrived, the director brought me to the dressing room where I could change into my costume. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that my outfit for the video shoot consisted of a breathtakingly tight white lace merry widow, with matching thong panties, stockings and high-heel pumps. In so many of the torture porn videos I’d done in recent months, the best you could hope for was a pair of high heels.

Returning to the set, I was surprised to see the number of cameras that the director had set up, besides the ones directly in front of the set, there was at least a dozen carefully positioned cameras in the darkness surrounding the front and sides of the set.

Guiding me between the floor to ceiling-mounted metal posts, with their waiting steel restraints, he snapped the cuffs around my wrists. He quickly followed with an oversized ball gag, pushing it firmly past my teeth, before clinching it painfully tight, then whispered in my ear, “By the way, Sarah, tonight isn’t going to be the bondage or torture porn video shoot you expected.”

Turning my head, I stared in horror at the ominous metal mask he was now wearing as he continued, “Tonight Sarah, you’re fated to star in an actual snuff film, your torturously agonizing death, simply for the sadistic amusement of my audience.”

I could feel the warmth of his denim sheathed erection pressing between the cheeks of my ass as his hands roughly squeezed my breasts, “Oh, and after I disembowel you in that delightfully explosion of blood and gore my audience always looks forward to seeing during the finale. I plan to cut off your breasts as you’re busy bleeding out, harvesting these magnificent implants to add to my extensive collection, as you’re dying.

Standing there listening to him describing my gruesomely agonizing demise as his hands continued to grope my breasts, I almost wished he hadn’t already gagged me, so that I could thank him.

You see, a few years ago. I had an affair with one of my college professors, and while he introduced me to the erotic delights of bondage sex, he also had a rather extensive collection of the Ghost’s snuff films. That was the real reason, that after graduation, I moved to LA and started starring in bondage and torture porn videos. Never in my darkest erotic dreams, had I imagined, that my final performance would be dying in one of Ghost’s notorious snuff films.

To end up dying in such a horribly perilous way, I’m such a lucky girl...