Abducted from my hotel, I awoke to find myself in this place of horrors, the place that inspired all those blood-soaked Hostel movies. Forced to dress in this revealing costume and high heels, they tied my wrists behind my back and gagged me before bringing me out in front of all these cameras. With my neck securely locked between the deadly, razor-sharp blades of this terrifying decapitation machine, they intend to auction off my life. That tonight’s high bidder would have the honor of brutally beheading me for the audience’s darkly sadistic amusement.

They were thoughtful, placing the bidding display close enough that I could watch it. At first, there were over thirty bidders, but as the high bid kept increasing, the number of active bidders gradually dropped.

I felt a certain irony. Competing strangers were bidding vast amounts of money simply for the right to behead me. Ironic since my darkest erotic fantasy has always been to go to my death on the Guillotine.

“In my fantasy, it’s June 1794. Arrested attempting to board a ship sailing for England, they returned me to Paris to stand trial. The show trial only lasted a few minutes before they passed sentence, death on the Guillotine the following morning. For my final request, I sent for my maid. I wanted to die dressed as the noblewoman I was, not like some common beggar in rags.”

The high bid stood at 3.5 million Euro and hasn’t changed for several minutes. To my horror, the display suddenly changed to “Bidding Closed, Winning Bid 3.5 million Euro.”

“My maid arrived in the early hours of the morning to help me prepare. Brushing out my long blonde hair, she pinned it up, leaving my slender throat invitingly bare. The corset she’d brought was my newest and tightest one yet, a necessity for the dress I intended to wear. Compressing my waistline by breath-taking six full inches, its bust rising barely high enough to cover my nipples as it lifted and squeezed my bosom. The flowing gown I selected was a deep bluish gray that matched my eyes. Its off-shoulder, low-cut neckline revealed an incredible amount of my corset-enhanced cleavage. The tightness of the corset and dress combined to limit me to the shallowest of breaths, which was fortunate. Any deeper breath and my breasts would have popped out of the dress.”

The display changed again, “Processing Payment...”

“Later that fateful morning, I boarded the Tumbrel for the short ride to the Guillotine, my wrists already tightly bound behind my back. As we arrived, I witnessed the final member of the last group of prisoners mounting the Guillotine. It was Louis. It saddened me to see him die. He’d been on my list of the top ten male suitors to seduce.”

A moment later, the display updated again, “Payment Confirmed. Termination Link Enabled.”

Staring at that display, I wondered if anyone would ever learn of my gruesomely brutal fate. Then the razor-sharp blades snapped together in an incredible explosion of unimaginable pain as my head slid forward along those deadly blades, dropping to the floor as my lifeless body collapsed in an obscene geyser of blood...