Alyssa always fantasized about living out her darkest erotic nightmare. However, unlikely that might be, but it wasn’t until she discovered a dark web chat room that claimed to match up beautiful wealthy women with sadistic fiends all too willing to fulfill all their darkest erotic nightmares. Known on the dark web as “Ivan the Butcher,” he was a former Russian Spetsnaz commando, one who enjoyed his work just a little too much for even his sadistic commanders to overlook. After his court-martial for numerous war crimes, he escaped custody on his way to military prison. Since then, officials across Europe have suspected him in the disappearances of dozens of young wealthy women. Coming together on that dark web chat room, Alyssa revealing all her darkest intimate desires to this sadistic total stranger, primal masochistic desires Ivan was eager to fulfil, for a price, one that Alyssa was more than willing to pay.

They finally met in Prague, at midnight, on a dark street corner outside the entrance to a long-abandoned factory. Handing Alyssa his smartphone Ivan watched intently as she entered her secret Cayman Island bank account number and transferred half a million euro into his account before handing him back his phone. Pausing just long enough to confirm the transfer completed Ivan escorted Alyssa into the factory building, locking the loading bay doors behind them.

Ivan led me along dimly lit hallways leading steadily deeper into the factory’s interior until we reached a chamber filled with large chemical tanks. Ominously, on a small table just inside the doorway rested a set of wrist manacles and a razor-sharp looking machete.

Pausing to pick up the manacles Ivan turned, “It’s time Alyssa, your coat if you please.”

I felt a delightfully terrifying sensation of fear gripping my pounding heart as undid the buttons of my black calf skin coat, slipping the coat off my shoulders to reveal my provocative silver lame thong bikini. I could feel the heat of Iran’s eyes undressing me as I handed him my coat even as I turned and brought my wrists together behind my back for Ivan’s waiting manacles.

Ivan tried not to stare as he watched Alyssa removing her coat, Alyssa was utterly devastating to behold. A heavenly creature of unparalleled beauty and poise, I never imagined, even in my darkest fantasies, a woman this beautiful seeking out my brutally diabolical services, what a waste. Still, she’d paid all I’d asked for what was to come, so I locked the manacles tightly around her wrists and picking up the machete, grasped Alyssa ‘s arm and roughly started to drag her toward the brightly lit center of the room.

As Ivan dragged her forward Alyssa suddenly realized the horrifying logic of why her host was leading her toward the center of the room, the room’s centrally located drain. Stopping just short of the drain Ivan forced Alyssa to turn and grabbing her tightly by the neck forced her up onto her toes as his cold merciless eyes pondered the utter brutality that she’d requested.

The pain, when it came, was more than I’d ever imagined enduring. The sickening sensation of cold steel sliding through the heated depths of my guts as the blade of Ivan’s machete effortlessly ran me through. The slightest motion of the blade buried deep within my belly sending fresh unimaginable waves of pure agony radiating through me with every desperate breath I managed to take.

Seeing the look of unimagined agony in Alyssa’s lovely eyes, Ivan almost laughed as he slowly started twisting the blade within her guts. Unlike Alyssa, he knew the blade while missing all but a few upper loops of her small intestine, had stabbed slight upward through her torso, slipping through Alyssa’s liver and left kidney before coming out of her back just beneath her ribcage.

I could feel myself growing weaker by the second, in desperation I leaned into Ivan until the hilt of his machete pressed firmly against my violated belly, my head resting against his shoulder with my breasts pressing against the rock-hard muscles of his chest even as he continued to brutally twist that blade deep within my guts.

Sensing Alyssa was quickly growing weaker, Ivan released his vise-like grip on her slender throat, allowing the dying woman to slip downward onto her knees.

I knew I was dying, my body growing colder by the second as I slowly sank to my knees, my blood running down Ivan’s chest and soaking his skin-tight black leather pants as the downward movement of my body gradually pulled the blade of his machete from within my horribly mutilated guts. Growing weaker with every dying beat of my heart, I collapsed onto my side in a steadily growing pool of my own blood. Struggling, I drew what I instinctively knew would be my final breath and smiled as I managed to whisper, “Thank you,” as I died.


Ivan waited patiently until Alyssa’s eyes finally lost their focus before he knelt down and checked her pulse. Confirming her death, he gestured to the chamber’s hidden cameras for his waiting staff to bring in the lift. Ten minutes later, Alyssa’s corpse was hanging inverted from the lift’s stainless steel hooks, inserted between her peroneal tendons and her ankle bones, as Ivan grasped a handful of her hair, pulling her head back, slit her throat to drain the last of Alyssa’s blood from her corpse.

He often wondered what his lovely victims would have thought if they’d known that he’d make far more from selling the choice cuts of their butchered carcasses to his internationally distinguished cannibal customer base, then they’d paid for the privilege of dying for his amusement. Not to mention the live streaming video customers who’d watched Alyssa die in real time or the customer’s willing to buy the professionally edited snuff film of Alyssa’s brutal demise.