My master the Sheik is dead and his son the new Sheik has no use for his father’s harem slaves. It seems he prefers little girls, ones no more that fifteen, rather than adult women. Normally, as the women in his harem grew older, the Sheik would marry us off to his retainers. As the oldest of the Sheik’s harem slaves, at twenty-eight, I fully expected to be married within the coming year, sadly with the Sheik’s death all that changed. His son, the new Sheik, a cruel and sadistic master, had far darker plans.

Valeria, the youngest of the old Sheik’s harem, died first after just 52 hours in the new Sheik’s favorite diabolical toy, the Iron Maiden. One by one, all the women in his father’s harem followed Valeria into the torturously deadly Iron Maiden to die screaming in unrelenting agony. Over a dozen beautiful women brutally murdered and based upon the amount of blood already within the Iron Maiden’s catch basin, Olga has only a few more hours of suffering before she joins her deceased harem sisters.

Then, as the oldest and last surviving member of the old Sheik’s harem, it will be my turn to die for his son’s sadistic amusement. Of course, before they put me in the Iron Maiden, as the manager of his father’s harem, the members of his son’s personal guard will use me to sate all their sick sexual desires, every orifice of my body ravaged multiple times until they finally tire of me. And assuming I somehow manage to survive my ordeal at the hands of his guards, I will die within the Iron Maiden.

I only hope the sound of my desperate dying screams forever haunt his dreams...