Years ago, shortly after I released my first snuff video, I was surprised to discover that not only did I have a loyal and steadily growing fan base, but I actually had groupies, beautiful women who fantasized about starring in one of my snuff films. For some, it came as a brutal surprise when they discovered the horrifying truth, that I didn’t use CGI or other special effects, that all the blood and gore was painfully real. However, most willingly embraced the truth, after all it’s the reason they came.

I watched with amusement as Ursula paused to brush her long red nails across the polished surface of that large stainless steel table upon which so many women spent their final torturous hours before stopping to examine the instruments arrayed on that small table next to the wall-mounted restraint cuffs. I could see the faint smile of knowing satisfaction as our eyes met, “So, this is all real, no special effects?”

Seeing me silently nod, she slipped the thin straps of her little black dress off her shoulders allowing it to slip down to pool around her high heels as she continued, “Good, it would have been so disappointing if it wasn’t.”

Stepping out of her discarded dress, Ursula casually kicked it to the side and smiling seductively turned and placed her wrists within the open wall-mount cuffs, “Before you gag me, I do have one final request. I want this to be special so don’t hold back. I want you to do your worst.”

I could see the look of eager anticipation in Ursula’s eyes as I snapped those cuffs closed around her wrists and stuffed that jaw straining, oversized ball gag deep within her mouth, that inviting look never faltering even when I paused to give that silver chain dangling between her nipple rings a firm tug.

It was only after I lit the torch that Ursula’s expression finally changed, but to a look I’d hoped to see, one of darkly masochistic desire. I guess we both already knew, that while silver is an extremely good conductor of heat, it’s melting point is 1763 °F, almost half again the maximum output of my handheld propane torch.

Hours later, I had to admit, even as I dumped the last of Ursula’s mutilated remains into the acid vat, sometimes groupies make the best victims, and that’s especially true when it comes to the hardcore ones like Ursula...