For as long as Emma could remember she’s had darkly erotic fantasies, horrifying nightmares that always end with her dying a gruesome and agonizingly painful death. She’s never told anyone about these intensely erotic fantasies or imagined that she’d actually get the chance to live any of them out.

Then, a few month back Emma heard about a pay-per-view website, a site that produced incredibly realistic asphyxiation snuff videos. The site contained countless videos where the victims died by slowly being strangled, either by the garrote, or by her darkest erotic fantasy, hanging from a noose around their necks, most of the victims struggled for close to thirty minutes, before they finally died.

After watching dozens of our site’s videos Emma eventually worked up the courage to contact us.

“I’m not sure if this an odd request, but I’d like the chance to star in one of your erotic asphyxiation videos. I’d like to be hung by my neck until I die, using that overhead hoist featured in video 671 with my arms secured behind my back with that forearm restraint from video 284. I’ll even provide my own costume. – Emma”

Attaching a revealing bikini photo from last spring’s vacation in the Bahamas, she sent her request. Less than an hour later they responded.

“Emma, first it’s not that odd of a request, in fact it’s a quite common one, and second I’d like to thank you for your interest in starring in one of our videos. If you’re available tonight, we’ll send a limo to pick you up at six thirty this evening.”

Arriving at the studio, Emma found the director waiting for her in the building lobby, “Let me show you to the dressing room where you can change.”

Unbuttoning the front of her knee-length coat, Emma smiled, “There’s really no need for a dressing room. I’m already wearing my costume.”

Opening her coat, Emma revealed her attire, black high heels, shimmery black tights, a stunning purple satin corset with a matching thong, and the three silver chains that linked the two silver rings that pierced her nipples.

Smiling, the director remarked as Emma closed her coat, “Simply stunning Emma. If you’d come this way I’ll take you to the set.”

The set was, just as Emma imagined, the noose dangling ominously from the overhead hoist with its wall-mounted control, the rigid arm restraint, an oversized ball gag and what looked like a black executioner’s hood lying on the table just inside the door.

“If I can take your coat, we can get started.” Taking Emma’s coat, he placed it on the table and picked up the arm restraint as Emma turned and brought her arms together behind her back so the director could secure them.

With her arms secured, the director led Emma over to the waiting noose, and settling it around her throat clinched it snug.

Noticing the erotic look of unbridled lust rapidly growing in Emma’s eyes, the director smiled, “Perfect, you look utterly ravaging my dear. Just give me a moment to check the cameras and we can get started.”

Emma watched with interest as the director made small adjustments to the eight cameras arrayed in a half circle in front of her before putting on his executioner’s hood and picking up that oversized ball gag.

Intrigued by the number of cameras, Emma asked out of curiosity, as the director approached, “Why so many cameras?”

Pausing to press the hard rubber ball gag firmly behind Emma’s teeth, the director clinched the strap’s buckle tight as he replied, “When you’re making an actual snuff film, there’s really no possibility of a second take once the action starts, so I like to capture the moment from as many angles as possible.”

Seeing the delightful look of fearful understanding in Emma’s eyes the director smiled under his face concealing executioner’s hood, as he walked over and pressed the UP button on the hoist’s control.

With a faint hum, the overhead hoist slowly drew the noose upward until the rope drew taut forcing Emma briefly up onto her toes before the steadily tightening rope lifted the toes of her high heels completely off the floor.

Starting his stopwatch, Emma’s executioner waited until her toes were about a foot off the floor before releasing to button to stop his victim’s upward motion even as he watched Emma’s delightful struggle. Over the years he’d come to realized that its instinctive, hanging from the noose, slowly and painfully strangling, all women will struggle to escape the inevitable.

Even knowing it was utterly futile Emma still frantically struggled to try to escape her fate but as the minutes passed the noose continued to gradually draw tighter around her throat making it steadily harder to breathe, Emma’s desperate struggles slowly growing weaker until twenty seven minutes later Emma’s dying body convulsed one final time before hanging lifelessly from the noose.

Still, the director left the cameras running for another ten minutes. He knew that when he finally released the video of Emma’s death to his website’s customers more than a few would be fantasizing about pulling Emma’s thong and tights down around her knees and fucking her tight little little heart-shaped ass before she cooled, something he fully intended to do once he’d finished switching off the cameras...