Having only been with the legal firm for a week, it came as a complete surprise when Pam discovered that not only had she been invited to the firm’s annual partner’s pool party and barbeque but also that as the firm’s newest lawyer, she would be the party’s guest of honor. Pam smiled as she graciously accepted the invitation, it didn’t take much imagination to realize this would be an ideal opportunity to socialize with some of the firm’s younger partners, perhaps even finding one interested in acquiring a beautiful trophy wife. With that in mind, Pam already knew which of her more revealing swimsuits she was going to wear.

Hosted at the private beach-front estate of the firm’s mysterious silent partner, I’d expected some huge mansion, something straight out of the lifestyles of the rich and excessive, but in reality, the home came as a complete surprise. Surrounded by over thirty wooded acres, the large but nicely understated country home overlooked its own secluded private beach.

Standing by the pool, admiring the incredible ocean view, I noticed several workers down on the beach dousing lighter fluid on a large charcoal filled pit before setting it ablaze. Interestingly, having attended a few pig roasts while in college, I knew they would have needed to start cooking the pig early that morning to have any hope of serving it tonight. Intrigued, I was wondering just what they were planning to roast when a distinguished looking older gentleman stopped to introduce himself.

“Good afternoon Pam, I’m your host Minos. I hope you’re enjoying the party.”

Smiling, I couldn’t help noticing the lack of a wedding band as I sensed his eyes eagerly undressing me, “Thank you for inviting me sir. The view from here is absolutely incredible.”

Taking Pam’s hand in his, Minos looked deep into her eyes and smiling as he replied, “Why, yes it truly is. Perhaps you’d enjoy a brief tour of my home?”

I felt a sudden sensation of moist warmth growing between my thighs at the familiar look of hunger in my host’s eyes, as I imagined him leading me inside before shoving me up against the nearest wall and taking me ruthlessly for his pleasure. Struggling to keep my racing heart under control, I smiled seductively and replied, “Why Minos, I know that I would thoroughly enjoy any tour you’re willing to give me.”

So, as much as I enjoyed the tour, and yes, while the bedroom with its breathtaking balcony and its beautiful fireplace were incredible. Nevertheless, it was the kitchen that had the most profound impact. I mean, I did notice the restraint rings on the headboard in the master bedroom. However, it was the kitchen, with its sparkling countertops and yet at the center of it all, those two tall, floor to ceiling, steel columns with their invitingly open wrist restraints.

Well, here I am. Honestly, I thought it was some kind of kinky sexual foreplay when Minos locked my wrists within the kitchen’s restraints. And, as it turns out, after securing my wrists, Minos did have plans, only they weren’t the plans I’d been hoping for.

Seeing the look of eager anticipation in Pam’s lovely eyes Minos drew her close, their lip's meeting in a long passionate kiss as she melted into his embrace. He could actually feel the heat radiating from her body. The inviting hardness of her aroused nipples pressing firmly against his chest as Pam wantonly ground her pelvis against the prominent bulge in the front of his swimsuit.

Reluctantly, even knowing what little time remained, he finally broke their kiss and holding Pam close reveled in the seductive scent of her perfume as he whispered in her ear, “You are such a lovely creature Pamela. I know we’re all eagerly looking forward to seeing just how long you’ll last rotating on that spit over the roasting pit’s coals.”

Pausing to admire the look of shock on Pam’s face, Minos uncovered the kitchen’s Jessica 5000 live impalement system and loaded a long steel roasting spit into the machine before proceeding to explain, in obscenely intimate detail, Pam’s gruesome fate.

Helplessly waiting, alone in the kitchen, Pam dwelled on what Minos had told her, “Once the roasting pit’s coals are ready, Minos, and his two assistants will return. They’ll secure me on that diabolical Jessica 5000 and then watch me screaming in agony as that machine ruthlessly impales me, the spit entering through my vagina and exiting obscenely out of my mouth. And if Minos is telling the truth, I’ll actually survive that exquisitely painful process and end up roasting alive over pit’s red-hot coals. He even assured me, that like most of the women they’ve roasted in the past, I should live for at least an hour over the coals. So, as you see, I was wrong, fatally wrong. I wasn’t merely the party’s guest of honor. It seems I’m also going to be the main course at this evening’s banquet.”

Pausing at the sound of approaching footsteps, Pam marveled at the irony, “If Minos had only asked I would have likely said yes. After all, I’ve always secretly fantasized about becoming a Dolcett girl...”