In over forty years as a serial killer and successful snuff film producer, Ghost realized that there were three kinds of victims. First, there were the unwilling, innocent women abducted from their everyday lives. Second, porn and wannabe porn actresses, who for money, were willing to star in torture porn or simulated snuff films, not realizing there was nothing simulated in his films until it was too late. And, most surprisingly, masochists, women who had seen his work and realized that while all the blood and gore was real, they still wanted to volunteer.

Ingrid was a masochist. She’s a beautiful 28-year-old woman who wants to star in one of Ghost’s snuff films, even knowing it will culminate in her torturous, agonizing death. In fact, she’s counting on that. As a serial killer, when dealing with a masochist, you have to be careful. More than once, they’ve turned out to be undercover policewomen, but not Ingrid. Based on the site username she’d used to send her request, she’d been watching my live-streaming webcasts and purchasing my videos for the past five years.

Like most of my audience, Ingrid’s viewing history gave me insights into her fantasies. While more than half of my webcasts and edited videos involve slow torture and gruesome mutilation, she’d only watched two of those webcasts. And while she’d viewed several asphyxiation webcasts, mostly involving hangings and the garotte, most of the webcasts she had seen were disembowelments. More telling was her video purchases, and all 53 downloads were brutal disembowelments, all ending in that delightfully messy explosion of blood and gore.

Just by reviewing her viewing history, I could write the script for Ingrid’s death. Gagged, with her wrists secured to the wall of my abattoir, she’ll be wearing revealing lingerie and high heels. I’ll watch the look of terror grow in her eyes as she feels the tip of my knife’s blade pressing firmly against her skin just below her sternum. Then, with just a bit more pressure, the knife’s razor-sharp blade will pierce her abdomen, sliding effortlessly deep into her guts until the blade’s tip scrapes against the vertebrae of her spine. Then, that familiar look of pain appears in her eyes, and delightfully gag-muted screams of agony escape around that ballgag as I spend the next few minutes amusing myself by slowly twisting that blade within her guts.

Noticing that Ingrid was becoming steadily weaker with each savage twist of the knife, I realized that it was finally time for the grand finale. Tightening my grip on the knife, I brutally pulled the blade downward through Ingrid’s guts as the blade sliced open her abdomen from her sternum to her crotch. Then, pulling the knife out of her belly, I stepped back, giving the abattoir’s cameras an unobstructed view as Ingrid’s blood and mutilated entrails started spilling from her ruined belly.

Ingrid managed to remain awake for another fifteen minutes, staring in horrified disbelief as her blood and guts spilled onto the abattoir’s floor before the mounting blood loss finally rendered her unconscious. Still, the cameras continued to record the scene as the steady flow of blood and guts gradually slowed until it finally stopped several minutes later. The final scene of Ingrid’s live-streaming webcast of death, the sight of her lifeless body hanging limply from the wrist restraints.

Later that night, as he dumped the last of Ingrid’s dismembered corpse into the acid, Ghost suddenly realized that with her video, along with the footage from the previous three women he’d disemboweled, he had enough video to release the next episode of his series, ‘Good Girls, Bad Endings. The Disembowelment Chronicles, Episode 347.’