As a serial killer I have to say that Goth chicks are the best. I know you were expecting me to abduct a cheerleader or maybe a sorority babe but trust me when you’re looking for a babe that can really go the distance, Goth girls rule.

As soon as the chloroform started to wear off I could clearly see that familiar look of fear in Molly’s eyes and yet there was no mistaking the sarcasm in her voice, “So mask boy, I hope you didn’t rape me while I was unconscious, I’d hate to have missed the greatest 10 second thrill of my life.”

Smiling beneath my mask, “If I were you, I’d be more worried about the foreplay” as I reached down and activated the cattle prod already buried in the depths of her tight little ass.


It was just before sunrise when I reached that abandoned farm north of Baton Rouge where I’ve been working for the last few months. I removed Molly’s unconscious body out of the truck of the car and carried her into the old storage building that I’ve been using as my studio. Ten minutes later Molly was nude and tightly strapped to the bondage cross that I’d recently added to my set.

With my latest film star safely secured I checked my mask and switched on the cameras before unplugging the cattle prod from its charger. I was about to insert the business end of the cattle prod into Molly’s rectum, when I suddenly discovered something totally unexpected, the round rubber tip of a butt plug already nestled between the cheeks of Molly’s shapely ass.

Setting the cattle prod aside I started to pull the butt plug out of Molly’s ass only to discover that it wasn’t actually a butt plug in Molly’s ass but an outrageously thick rubber dildo, one that turned out to be more than two feet long. And even though she was still unconscious, that sharp gasp that escaped Molly’s lips, as the bulging head of that dildo finally slipped out her ass, I can assure you had absolutely nothing to do with pain.

I was about to toss aside Molly’s oversized dildo and reach for the cattle prod when I suddenly noticed that Molly’s oversized anal sex toy was actually about the same size as my cattle prod. Smiling darkly, I suddenly realized this was going require considerably more lube than usual.


Molly’s body stiffened in agony as the cattle prods 50,000 volts ripped through her nervous system. I could see the pain in her eyes, the look of horror on her face as she realized I’d replaced her anal sex toy with something far more diabolical. Normally I’d insert just the tip of the cattle prod into my victim’s rectum but since I’d already discovered Molly’s fondness for deep anal insertions, I’d carefully pushed the entire two foot long shaft of that cattle prod up into her colon leaving only its handle protruding from Molly’s ass.

From past experience I already knew that it would take at least 30 minutes to fully drain the batteries in that cattle prod. Knowing that should be more than enough time to amuse myself, I lit the propane torch. One of the nice side effects of using the cattle prod, with that much electricity surged through her body, Molly wouldn’t be able to scream even as I use the torch to burn off her clit.


Twenty eight minutes later I was busy inserting the last of two dozen long metal skewers through Molly’s liver and kidneys when I heard the cattle prod’s low battery alert begin to sound. Quickly shoving the final skewer through Molly’s abdomen I reached for my knife.

Despite all the obscene things that I’d done to her since I’d switched on that cattle prod I could see the relief in Molly’s eyes as she realized the cattle prod embedded in her intestines had finally run out of power. Struggling to catch her breath Molly looked up into my eyes, “Why? Why did you do this to me?”

Smiling beneath my mask I replied, “Because I can”, as I raised my knife and slit Molly’s throat from ear to ear, the razor-sharp blade slashing through her Carotid arteries, her jugular veins and her larynx. Molly tried to scream but the only sound she uttered was a sickening wet gurgling sound. As her life blood streamed down over her breasts I knew Molly expected the end to come quickly, to die within just a few blood soaked seconds. Sadly, that only happens in badly written horror movies, in real life it actually takes 3 to 5 minutes to bleed out, and as many of my more devoted long-term fans expected, more than enough time for one final act of sadistically cruel barbarism before Molly died.

One of the first things I noticed, after I’d stripped Molly naked and strapped her to the bondage cross was that Molly had breast augmentation and judging by the firmness of her breasts, a set of reasonably large implants.

I’ll have to admit, that for a woman who’d already endured all the torturous abuse I’d inflicted upon her, the look of horror in Molly’s eyes was truly memorable as I cut her breasts from her body. Turns out I was right Molly sported a set of seriously impressive implants. Seems my cute little Goth girl had decided to go from an A/B bra size to a more impressive DD. Casually dropping the remains of Molly’s breast into a convenient bucket I put her implants on the table, in a few minutes she’ll be dead and I can finally shutoff the cameras, dispose of her body and cleanup this mess.

As for Molly’s implants, they’ll make a nice addition to my considerable collection...