As they entered the kitchen David could see the look of horror in Karen’s eyes as she realized exactly where she was. Turning to him Karen screamed, “David, good enough to eat? Good Enough To Eat! How could you do this to me? When you invited me back to your place I thought you were talking about sex, not skewering me alive and putting me over the coals to roast!”

Karen turned away, her eyes staring into the glowing coals of the pit as David realized the impossibility that he’d misjudged Karen. It wasn’t until she turn back to face him with a faint forced smile and said, “If we’re going to do this, you owe me at least one mind blowing orgasm before you start that spit into my guts, and I want to be basted with Spicy Barbeque Sauce not Teriyaki.”

As David watched, Karen’s smile widened as she continued, “Just between us, I really do hate the smell of Teriyaki.”