Having successfully recovered the stolen Russian thermonuclear weapon Lesley decided to take a well-earned week off shopping in Paris, “It was my second evening in Paris and I’d stopped at a small café to enjoy a glass of wine as I watched the Eiffel tower silhouetted by the slowly setting sun. I’d just paid my bill and was walking back toward my hotel when I felt a sudden sharp pain in the small of my back. That was the last thing I remember before I woke up here, wherever here is.”

Lesley awoke to discover she was hanging suspended in a small metal walled chamber, her wrists and ankles locked in tight fitting steel manacles, a distinguished looking older gentleman watching silently as she slowly recovered from the drugs.

Her captor smiled darkly as he said, “Lesley Spencer, undercover agent of SIMS, did you think that your interference last week with our Islamic jihadist clients would go unnoticed? Or, did the idiots running SIMS actually believe that a bunch of illiterate ragheads could come up with the cash to buy a ten megaton thermonuclear weapon from the Russian mafia? Do you have any idea just how many lives have been lost due to your stupid actions? We were using those illiterate ragheads to destroy one of Syria’s secret WMD development facilities, and to detonate that bomb during one of President al-Assad’s monthly visits. We had the chance to cleanly eliminate both Bashar al-Assad and one Syria’s most successful WMD labs and you screwed it up! It’s thanks to you and the short-sighted efforts of SIMS that al-Assad is still alive and a bloody civil war still rages in Syria!”

Pausing to press one of the switches on a small raised control panel, her captor continued, “We’re still not sure how, when surrounded and completely out of ammunition, you still managed to convince those Islamic morons to surrender but thankfully, you’ve interfered in our plans for the last time!”

Lesley glanced down as she suddenly heard the faint hiss of hydraulics emanating from the metal floor directly beneath where she hung so helplessly. As she watched in mounting horror the floor beneath her slowly split apart revealing a terrifying pit of deadly looking spikes.

Staring down in horror at all those deadly spikes Lesley could hear the amusement in her captor’s voice as he continued, “And if you’re hoping for a last minute rescue from your friends at SIMS headquarters, our sweeper teams have already erased them from existence. Of course, we did manage to capture most of the female staff alive, and there’s nothing better for troop moral than to watch dozens of beautiful women screaming in terror as they go to their deaths under the spinning razor-sharp blade of one of our world renowned DeCavelle Investments Group’s buzzsaws.”

Suddenly the heavy steel frame to which she was so helplessly restrained started its deadly descent toward those horrifyingly sharp spikes. Glancing up at her captor their eyes met as he casually laughed before saying, “Oh, I know should apologize about this quaint spike filled deathtrap but the buzzsaw here at our secret Paris facility is down for scheduled maintenance and with all the trouble you’ve caused of late our remaining Paris facility deathtrap, a fully automated guillotine seemed far too quick a death.”

Glancing down at the approaching spikes Lesley estimated she at best a minute or two before she found herself impaled upon their terrifyingly sharp tips. Glancing back up a sudden terrifying sense of certain impending doom coursed through her trembling body as she looked into the cold evil glare of her captor’s eyes.

Seeing the look of utter desperation in Lesley’s lovely eyes her cruel captor continued, “You should feel honored Lesley I can’t remember the last time a SIMS agent lost her life upon these spikes.” Briefly pausing almost as if momentarily lost in thought he continued, “Actually I don’t believe this particular deathtrap has been used since the 1960’s, I guess modern criminal masterminds find it just a little too barbaric for their tastes.”

Realizing that his every word only added to Lesley’s terror he casually mentioned, “These days our most popular product, and one I believe you’re intimately familiar with, is our line of powerful buzzsaws. And while terrifying and extremely messy the buzzsaw does provide a fairly quick and painful demise. It’s rare for a buzzsaw victim to last for even a minute after the blade reaches her flesh but on the spikes, well that’s a completely different matter.”

Lesley watched as a faintly sadistic smile appeared on her captor’s face as he continued, “As I recall, once a woman’s body reaches the spikes it takes a few moments before she’s fully impaled, you see it’s the weight of the steel frame that the woman’s suspended from that drives her body downward onto the spikes. Eventually the victim ends up lying at the bottom of the pit pinned helplessly in place by the considerable weight of the frames cross member pressing against the small of her back. Death when it finally comes usually takes about half an hour, although I’ve heard a few women lasted as long as two hours before expiring.”

Her captor could see the look of overwhelming terror is Lesley’s pretty eyes as he continued, “Of course, I wish I could stay to watch you impaled upon the spikes but my helicopter is already waiting on the roof and at the airport, my personal jet to take me to Los Angeles. I intend to be there to watch as your fellow agents go under the buzzsaw. I understand their planning to save Kate Starbuck for the night’s grand finale.”

Realizing the Lesley only had mere seconds before she reached the spikes her captor smiled as he concluded, “Not to worry my lovely Lesley Spencer, I will eventually get to watch your impalement upon the spikes and your slow agonizing death, just like our millions of dedicated snuff movie fans when the Blu-Ray is ready to ship...”