Gina watched in horrified disbelief as the heavy iron cage rose out of the flaming pit, the segmented floor slowly closing beneath the cage to block the flames. Gina could feel herself trembling in terror as the demonic Keeper of the Gate unlocked the cage and with a practiced ease scattered the fire blacked bones of last night’s sacrifice across the chamber’s already bone covered floor.

The last thing I remembered was flirting with some hot guy at a trendy LA nightspot, next I woke up here practically naked with my wrists in chains. And as Asmodeus, Hell’s demon of lust explained, the owners of that nightclub made a demonic deal with Satan sometime back in the early 80’s, in exchange for keeping the nightclub insanely popular Satan has the right to take the body and soul of one female patron on every night the nightclub is open. Great deal for the nightclub’s owners, tonight, not such a great deal for me. Tonight, I’m the sacrifice.

Anyway, as Asmodeus so aptly stated, this place is the Gateway to Hell for all of those women who entered that nightclub and foolishly allowed mere lust to overcome their senses. Overcome by lust, seriously? If it wasn’t for lust I’d still be waiting tables in Des Moines. Anyway, Asmodeus is coming for me, to stuff me in that cage and lower me into the flames, to consign my soul to an agonizing eternity in the lakes of fire.

Still, how bad could it be, really could it be any worse than Des Moines?