The executioner eased off on the garrote’s tension as he heard Simone gasping desperately for her next breath. He’d delightfully tortured her with the garrote for the last three hours, but now she was fast approaching the end.

Completely exhausted, I struggled to catch my breath as I felt the garrote’s unforgiving steel band loosen ever so slightly around my throat. The executioner allowed me four shallow breaths before the garrote again tightened to crush my throat. Lightheaded, dizzy, and constantly short of breath for what seemed like hours while that diabolic vibrator buried deep within my sex kept randomly changing its intensity, keeping me on the frustrating edge of orgasm without letting me climax.

Realizing that the moment had finally arrived, the executioner switched Simon’s vibrator to maximum intensity, noting her sharp intake of breath as the added intensity quickly pushed her over the edge as she came in one of the most powerful orgasms of her life. The executioner tightened the garrote in that timeless moment, brutally crushing Simon’s throat.

As I climaxed, I felt the garrote painfully tighten, its steel band brutally compressing my throat until it became impossible to breathe. Already impossibly short of breath, it didn’t seem fair. I finally reached orgasm and wouldn’t live long enough to enjoy it.

The executioner cruelly tightened the garrote another notch as Simone’s dying body convulsed against the garrote posted unyielding restraints. Already fatally short of breath, Simone’s desperate struggle ended in less than three minutes, her head slumping lifelessly forward as far as the garrote’s tight strangulation bar would allow.

When it came time to retire a sex slave at Bangkok’s most infamous brothels, most usually requested a quick death, to die upon the sword or beneath the blade of the headsman’s axe. Not Simone, one of the most masochistic sex slaves ever to work at the brothel, instead decided to die in one of the most delightfully masochistic ways available within the brothel’s torture chamber, the garrote.

Later, while feeding Simone’s corpse into the incinerator, her executioner smiled at the thought that she’d enjoyed her slow and delightfully torturous execution far more than he’d expected...