Last seen pursuing the masked assassin, Tommy ‘Tommy Gun’ Kelley, through the alleyway’s of the city’s old warehouse district, Gallant Girl’s disappearance remains a mystery. Already a suspect in the murderous disappearances of at least a dozen of the city’s crime-fighting super heroines, it’s darkly rumored that Gallant Girl became his latest victim.

Earlier, on that fateful night, she pursued ‘Tommy gun’ into one of the districts old abandoned warehouses, where several of his waiting henchmen lurked in ambush. Taken by surprise Gallant Girl was quickly subdued and rendered unconscious by the masked assassin’s vile minions.

Gallant Girl awoke to find herself hanging suspended by her gloved wrists, her long athletic legs restrained at the ankles and stretched obscenely far apart. That familiar taste of semen in Gallant Girl’s full sensuous mouth and the steady dull ache radiating from her abused rectum confirming they’d brutally violated and abused her while unconscious. Her first thought, just why is it that arch villains and their evil henchmen always wait until you’re unconscious to ravage you, as once again, she’d missed out on all the sexual fun. Still, she suspected they’d known about the secret source of her superhero powers and brutalized her until the considerable healing energies of her pendant of power drained. Struggle as she might Gallant Girl found the restraints more than sufficient to prevent her escape in her current powerless state.

Suddenly, Gallant Girl heard footsteps approaching from the surrounding darkness, and a moment later helplessly watched Tommy ‘Tommy Gun’ Kelley step into the light, his signature Tommy Gun sending a cold sensation of fear gripping her heart as she realized with her superpowers drained, she was utterly vulnerable to its deadly spray of red-hot lead.

“Good evening Gallant Girl, I must say that your shapely nubile body provided me and my henchmen hours of delightfully sadistic amusement at your painful expense before we finally exhausted your pendant’s superpowers. In fact, I found your erotic charms so desirable that I briefly considered keeping you alive as a brainwashed bimbo sex slave, but I discovered years ago, to my considerable dismay, just how unpredictable the results of brainwashing can be when it comes to super heroines. So, like all the other super heroines unfortunate enough to fall into my clutches, I’m simply going to kill you.”

Pausing to gesture with his deadly Tommy Gun, “I know you expected to die in a hail of bullets but when it comes to butchering super heroines, I’ve come to prefer a more perilously unpleasant demise. Years ago, I would have simply used my machete to behead you, but since then I’ve come to enjoy the sound of dying super heroines screaming in terror as their disemboweled by my chainsaw. In fact, I’ve come to enjoy their screams so much that my men gave me a second nickname, ‘Chainsaw.’"

Galant Girl didn’t disappoint. Like all the others, she started screaming before the chainsaw reached her crotch and continued screaming until its quickly ascending blade finally silenced her as it sliced upward through her diaphragm. Surprisingly, even after the blade bisected her heart, Galant Girl still managed to remain conscious for almost another ten seconds, that enticing look of unimaginable horror in her eyes until the very end.

The chainsaw automatically stopped as it reached to top of Galant Girl’s sternum and after checking the sharpness of my machete, I removed her head for my collection. I know it’s morbid to collect mementos from my victims, but most arch villains still do. I’ve heard that the serial killer known as the Ghost picks his victims based on the size of their breasts and harvests their breast implants for his collection, and I’ve seen the Crimson Contessa wearing the costumes of her vanquished super heroines at the Gotham’s League of Villains Halloween Parties. However, personally, I prefer to keep my considerable collection of super heroine heads in that freezer display case at my palatial lair of evil. Galant Girl’s head will make an excellent addition to my collection...