I’ve been producing my weekly torture snuff show for over twenty years now, and my long term fans have come to expect my final show of the year to have a festive holiday theme, and who am I to disappoint my fans. So tonight, my guest star is Octavia, a sexy yoga instructor and fitness trainer at a trendy Seattle gym, who sadly hasn’t realized yet that her clients will need to seek out a new instructor or trainer by the conclusion of this evening’s show.

Earlier today, when I abducted Octavia from the parking garage of her apartment building, she’d been dressed to teach her afternoon yoga class, but as you can see she’s had a change of attire. As usual, when she awoke from the effects of that tranquilizer dart to discover that I’d kidnapped her, she’d been resistant to removing her clothes. However, like many of my unwilling guest stars, Octavia reconsidered her refusal when I pressed the barrel of a loaded handgun against the side of her head. I think my audience will agree that with the red thong, stocking and heels, she’s now wearing, she looks extremely festive, not to mention the matching collar and harness penis gag that finally silenced her annoying complaints. Still, as most of you would agree, the defiant victims are always the most entertaining, and you can see it in her eyes, Octavia is certainly that.

So, this being the last show of the year, I thought I’d mix things up a bit. Using the torch, I’m planning to start with Octavia’s cliterous, burning it off with the torch before moving onward to her nipples. Sadly, there will be no further breast mutilation, since I intend to harvest her D-cup implants for my considerable growing collection. After that, I’ll clip off her fingers, one joint at a time, before using the hammer to destroy both of Octavia’s knee caps. I considered either gauging her eyes out or using the torch to blind her but after consideration, I decided I liked the defiant look in Octavia’s eyes. So after her knee caps, I intend to simply disembowel her, spilling her mutilated guts into the waiting bucket, in that delightful explosion of blood and gore that my fans have come to expect. Finally, as she’s hanging there slowly dying, I plan to cut off her breasts, harvesting her implants as she dies.

Personally, I’ve always considered the color red to be a festive touch during the holiday season, especially when it’s a beautiful dying woman’s blood...