I've always liked Chloroform. Soak a liberal amount into a rag, slip up behind your beautiful and unsuspecting victim and within seconds she's all yours. Like I said, Chloroform is a serial killer's best friend.

I smiled as I watched my latest victim, Sarah, slowly regaining consciousness. That first momentary look of confusion in her eyes as she slowly started to come around. Then, that all too predictable blossoming look of fear in her lovely blue eyes as she began to comprehend just how utterly vulnerable she was. I could see that always enticing look of fear and desperation growing in her eyes with each passing moment.

And just like all my previous victims, I didn't see real terror in Sarah's eyes until I lit the blowtorch and she finally realized who I was and, even more importantly, what I intended to do to her. After all, it had only been a few weeks since the police discovered the charred remains of my twenty-third victim, another pretty young lady named Michelle. Of course, the police still couldn't confirm Michelle's identity. And as Sarah was about to discover, the heat of the blowtorch had melted most of her teeth along with her face.