Standing in the storeroom’s entrance, Tori felt a delightfully chilling sensation of fear at the sight of Ghost’s distinctive steel mask and the razor-sharp knife in his hand.

Pausing to unbutton my knee-length coat, I slipped it off my shoulders and allowed it to fall to the floor behind my high heels, “Good evening, Ghost. Thank you for doing all this for me. I trust you’ve received my payment?”

Smiling behind his face-concealing metal mask at the sight of the beautiful, nearly naked woman who’d willingly paid him $100,000 for his gruesomely torturous services, Ghost responded, “Yes, I’ve already transferred it to my Cayman Island numbered account. I assume the arrangements for this evening meet with your approval.”

Smiling at the sight of that brutal-looking bondage frame, I replied, “Yes, it’s perfect, just the way I remember it.”

Pausing to walk closer to that ominous bondage frame, I continued, “You know, I’ve fantasized about this since I saw it used in one of your infamous snuff videos almost three years ago. My darkest masochistic dreams, fueled by thoughts of being bound helplessly upon this frame. Enduring hours of unspeakable torture and mutilation before you finally gut me in your delightfully messy explosion of blood and gore. And if you could, please harvest my breast implants for your collection before I die.”

Pausing to walk over and lightly kissing the side of Ghost’s mask, “So, don’t hold anything back. I want your audience to find my death a truly memorable one. Oh, and if I’m still alive after you finish harvesting my breast implants, I want you to cut my head off. I know I’ll only have a few seconds before I die, but I’d like to spend them with the taste of your cock filling my mouth and throat.

Later that night, as he put the final pieces of Tori’s dismembered corpse into the vat of acid, Ghost had to admit that even his discriminating audience should find Tori’s obscenely torturous death an unforgettably memorable one. After all, he was the only one who knew Tori was already dead by the time he’d finished cutting off her head...