Over the years, I’ve done countless requests, often a fan will want to see one of my victims die in a particularly gruesome way. Other times they have a specific victim they’d like to see staring on my show, usually an ex-wife or girlfriend. Then, there are requests that come from women who actually fantasize about staring on my show themselves, the groupies.

This is Alexa. She's a groupie. Alexa contacted me a few weeks ago inquiring about staring in one of my shows. Along with her request, she provided me with intimate details and several revealing pictures of herself to prove that she met my show’s high beauty standards when it comes to my carefully selected victims.

Arriving exactly on time at my latest location, a rundown warehouse in Seattle’s harbor district, I happily fulfilled her final request before locking the restraints around her wrists. She even thanked me before I forced that oversized ball gag deep within her mouth.

Switching on the cameras and ripping off Alexa’s already revealing outfit, I paused to roughly grope her impressive breasts, confirming that she indeed lacked implants, as I thought about what her breasts would look like after I finished inserting all those red hot needles.

Alexa’s eyes grew wide with fear as she helplessly watched me picking up that massive cattle prod, one specially modified to run continuously once activated and usually taking over forty five agonizing minutes to drain its batteries. Smearing the cattle prod’s thick metal shaft with lubricant I pressed its blunt tip firmly upward into the tightness of Alexa’s anus. Penetrating her rectum, the cold metal shaft slipping steadily up into her colon, the entire two foot long shaft eventually buried within the straining depths of her guts before I switched it on.

Watching Alexa’s body convulsing in agony as the cattle prod’s fifty thousand volts coursed through her, I smiled beneath my concealing metal mask as I lit the torch and started heating up that first needle.

Later, as I finished dumping the last of Alexa’s dismembered corpse into the acid, I had to admit she’d done remarkably well. It’s rare that one if my victim’s makes it all the way to the grand finale without fainting at least once or twice, but Alexa managed to stay conscious until the brutal gory end. And Alexa’s final request, a darkly intimate request I’d only consider granting if it came from a groupie, to die with the taste of my semen still fresh within her sensuous and erotically talented mouth...