Faith arrived at her secluded beach house on the South Carolina shore earlier that Sunday evening, after unpacking she’d changed into her favorite and the most revealing red lace bodysuit before retiring to her study. There she stopped to light the fireplace before opening a bottle of her favorite wine to enjoy as she watched the early-season thunderstorm growing out over the ocean. Gradually, the sky darkened as the storm clouds drew closer to the shore, the thunder and lightning growing in intensity as the storm approached.

Pausing to admire her lightning lit reflection Faith smiled. Even at thirty she still looked hot enough to attract the attentions of senators and congressmen alike, her shapely, fit and toned little hard body, the result of long hours spent in the gym as well as a few trips under the plastic surgeon’s knife. Already a rising star at one of the capital’s most prestigious lobbying firms she'd flirt with corrupt politicians. However, she also made it clear to the more insistent that she wasn’t one of the professional female party favors her firm provided to go along with their brides, alcohol and drugs. And as much as she enjoyed wearing revealing evening gowns, thankfully, with her latest promotion, she longer needed to attend the more popular and sleaze lobbying events. When he’d informed Faith of her promotion, the CEO had casually mentioned that the members of the firm’s board of directors were above having to deal with the filth. Smiling Faith fondly recalled the look in the CEO’s eyes and wondered if he’s married, not that it mattered in the long run, she was simply curious.

Lost in thought and staring out at the storm, she’d vaguely noticed the slight temperature drop but attributed it to the storm. It wasn’t until Faith noticed movement in the reflection in the window’s glass that she turned.

Seeing his prey turning in surprise, the Nyhlloghast quickly stepped closer, his razor-sharp claws slashing downward across the human female’s body opening her torso from her right shoulder down to the left side of her pelvis in a single stroke. Sensing that his dying prey was about to collapse into the growing pile of intestines spilling out her ruined belly the Nyhlloghast reached out and tightly grasped Faith by the throat as he lifted her toes off the floor.

It was then that Faith heard a strangely accented voice in her mind, “Human females have always been such an easy prey, and yet with just the right amount of pain inflicted as they die, such delightfully succulent meat to feast upon. In the five and a half years since those ancient portals between our worlds reopened we’ve harvests countless thousands of you, your tasty flesh destined to fill our larders.”

Realizing his prey had died the Nyhlloghast turned and dragged Faith’s lifeless body back through the portal, the portal staying open until the last loops of Faith’s intestines finally slithered through.

Excerpt, classified government report, agency name redacted, dated April 8, 2019. “This latest disappearance fit’s the investigation profile. At 9:05 PM Eastern Time on Sunday April 7, 2019 the secret X-37 deployed micro-satellite network known as Guardian detected an EMP event consistent with all past observed events. An investigative team reached the site at 11:20 PM and executed a hostile breach entry. The team determined that another young woman, meeting the profile, vanished that night during the passage of a rather severe line of thunder storms. While there still remains no viable explanation for these disappearances, worldwide, to date a total of 322,078 short-duration EMP events have been observed with 102,846 of these events occurring in North America. Of these North American events, 102,623 have now been positively linked to confirmed disappearances of women between 20 and 30 years of age.”