Trisha first met the Baron a few days earlier while touring one of the city's many art exhibits, and although she found the Baron both handsome and charming, only now was Trisha beginning to think that accepting a dinner invitation from a man she's barely met wasn't going to turn out to be one of the better decisions of her life.

For Trisha, the entire day had seemed like something out of a fairytale. After a morning spent sightseeing with the Baron, she'd returned at her hotel to find a large package waiting for her. Upon opening the package Trisha discovered a breathtakingly beautiful gown with a pair of matching high-heeled sandals and an invitation to dine with the Baron at his ancestral castle in the mountains outside the city. Later that evening, the baron's driver picked up Trisha at her hotel.

As she'd hoped, the Baron turned out to be a charming and gracious host, entertaining Trisha with captivating stories of his castle's long and noble history as they dined together in the castle's great hall. Already captivated by his charm, it was inevitable that Trisha mistook that look of dark hunger visible within the Baron's eyes for lust, when after dinner he suggested they both retire to his private study from a glass of wine and some after dinner entertainment.

Trisha didn't begin to fully comprehend the Baron's uniquely painful ideas concerning after dinner entertainment until they'd already entered the Baron's study and she looked down at all the brutal instruments of torture arrayed within the chamber below.

But by then, for Trisha, it was already too late.