Having already heard the whispered rumors of young Lord James's sexual indiscretions with one of the house maids, Lady Penelope's butler James wasn't all that surprised by her Ladyship's instructions.

"James, I've decided that Sarah's services will no longer be required. Please inform Sarah that I am not amused by her sexual dalliances with my son and terminate her immediately."

Busy dusting woodwork in the great hall Sarah didn't notice her ladyship's butler until he lightly tapped on her shoulder, Sarah failed notice the sword in his hand until it was to late.

James smiled at the look of horrified disbelief in Sarah's lovely eyes as he stated, "Her ladyship asked me to inform you that your services here at the manor are no longer required."

Sensing that Sarah was becoming faint James grasped the young lady's arm as he slowly twisted the sword in her guts and continued, "Or did you really think your activities in her teenaged son's bedroom would go unnoticed by her ladyship?"