Entering a part of the master’s dungeon she’d never visited before, with her wrists already bound behind her back, Sophia saw Marcus, the master’s loyal servant, holding that sword. Turning, to the man sitting on the throne, with a look of startled disbelief on her face, “You sick, twisted son of a bitch! After all, I’ve let you do to me. It’s come to this?”

The look of anger grew in her eyes, “I trusted you. I willingly agreed to accept your collar and become your sex slave. I let you do things to me, painful, degrading, and often humiliating things, simply for your perverted amusement, and this is my reward?”

The volume of Sophia’s voice rose as her anger grew, “What kind of a sadistic asshole would delegate something this important to a mere henchman? If you’re going to kill me, you should at least have had the decency to do me yourself!”

Marcus glanced over at his lord and master, seeing the look of annoyance in his master’s eyes as he looked at his loyal henchman and slowly nodded. Smiling with a look of evil anticipation, Marcus drew back his sword and, stepping closer to Sophia, brutally ran her through with its deadly, razor-sharp blade.

A delightful scream of agony escaped Sophia’s lips as she doubled forward over the blade, her head coming to rest against his shoulder as he drove his sword, basket hilt deep through her abdomen. Reaching around her shoulder, he pulled her close. Her rock-hard nipples pressed firmly against his chest, a sharp cry of pure agony escaping her lips as he slowly twisted the blade within her guts.

With each twist of his blade, Sophia’s body delightfully convulsed and ground against his, almost as if she was desperately trying to pleasure him. As the slow, agonizing minutes passed, Sophia’s cries gradually grew fainter until she barely emitted a gasp with each brutal twist of his blade. She finally died in his arms. The sword, still hilt deep within her mutilated guts.

Rising from his throne, the master turned to Marcus, “Put Sophia’s body in the acid, then use the incinerator to dispose of her belongings. Her replacement, Angela, will arrive at the castle tomorrow.”

The following morning Marcus returned to the dungeon’s hidden abattoir, removing Sophia’s bleached bones from the acid, and scattered them across the abattoir’s floor, joining the mortal remains of all his immortal master’s previous sex slaves.

As an artist and a storyteller, some requests can push you beyond your comfort zone. This story is one. This nightmare came from a fan, not from my darkly twisted imagination. This story is one of Sophia’s, not her real name, darkest submissive nightmares, or at least one of the ones she’s willing to share with me. Her ex-husband brutally abused her. In her submissive, masochistic mind, she thought it was true love. That was until she ended up in the emergency room. They’re separated, pending the divorce. Never cross the line, and confuse fantasy with reality at your peril. It’s not worth the cost. Please, play safe.