Iíll never forget the last thing Becky said, ďSo Ghost, after Iíve finished this glass of wine, youíre still going to lock my wrists into these wall-mounted restraints, gag me, then cut me open and disembowel me. Well, even though it appears that Iíve inadvertently dressed for the occasion, Iíll admit that while all this sounds obscenely depraved, I suspect it will also be rather delightfully painful.Ē

Pausing to finish her wine, Becky handed me her glass, ďStill, even though Iím already here in your abattoir and completely helpless to stop you from having your evil way with me, Iíd like to make one final request before we begin.Ē

A faint smile appeared on Beckyís face as she concluded, ďGhost, thereís really no need to wait until Iím dead before harvesting my breast implants for your collection...Ē