Prue discounted all the darkly whispered rumors of zombies inhabiting the darkest depths of the catacombs as silly fabrications invented to keep thrill seekers from venturing too deep into the catacombs and slipped away from the tour group to do some unauthorized exploring. Of course, that was before something hit the back of her head and she woke up dangling from her wrists in the torch lit depths of the catacombs, her clothing gone and a foul tasting gag filling her mouth.

And yet, despite her surprise, Prue still found the entire situation sexually arousing. Alone in the catacombs naked and helplessly bound, everywhere she looked the piled bones of the dead, the cold gritty feel of the rough stone floor against her toes as she struggled to relieve the strain on her shoulders, her nipples growing erect in the cool damp air until they ached painfully. Even the foul taste of dried blood on the oversized rubber ball straining Prue’s jaw muscles was a turn on as she felt the first familiar trickle of saliva escaping out the corner of her mouth to run down her chin. Hearing a faint sound in the distance Prue stared into the darkness eagerly expecting to see her sadistic domineering lover coming toward her carrying his heaviest bull whip. Prue knew just how much he enjoys using that heavy whip on her before fucking her senseless, that he enjoys the sounds of her desperate screams and from experience just how fucking hot a good hard whipping makes her.

The moment he steps into the light Prue felt a sudden horrifying coldness deep within her guts as she realized it isn’t her lover walking toward her but a horrifying nightmare, one of the walking dead, a zombie. A pungent odor of death and decay assaulted Prue’s nose, the parchment grey skin of its face torn and bloody, a hideous bloody wound in its chest held closed by a row of metal staples and in its hands a huge sharp looking knife and an ominous looking meat hook, both caked with dried blood. And yet, despite all the fear she could feel coursing through her mind, Prue was shocked to realize she was growing incredibly aroused, her eyes drawn to the creature’s inhumanly massive cock.

Expecting to be butchered Prue is surprised to watch the zombie pause before her, that ravenous look of unquenchable hunger in its dead eyes. Glancing down Prue feels her heartbeat quicken as she helplessly watched the creatures imposing cock growing erect, quickly growing beyond the size of anything she’d ever imagined in her wildest erotic fantasies. Glancing back up into the zombie’s eyes Prue instinctively realized that while that ravenous look of unquenchable hunger remained, it had become a hunger of a far different kind. Tossing aside the bloody knife and meat hook the terrifying the creature came toward her.

Prue gasped with submissive carnal delight as the creature’s hands squeezed her breasts in a vice like embrace, its powerful arms pulling her roughly back against its cold lifeless chest even as its fingers painfully tightened to crush her sensitive nipples. Prue felt herself trembling with a masochistic mix of eager anticipation and overwhelming horror as she felt the creature’s cold hard cock against her back, the base of its massive shaft nestled within the tight cleft of her ass even as its thick bulging head pressed against the smooth white skin of her upper back.

Reveling in the pain radiating from her cruelly abused nipples Prue felt the creature’s cold hands leave her breasts and move downward across her belly, a groan of pure carnal delight escaping her gagged mouth as she felt the creature’s fingers spreading the folds of her sex and slip easily into the moist depths of her sex as it’s thumb firmly rubbed across her throbbing clit. Prue could feel her orgasm approaching as the creature pulled her backward, her straining toes lifting free of the catacomb’s rough stone floor. Prue felt herself starting to climax, the erotic feel of the creature’s rock hard cock sliding between the cheeks of her ass, its fingers straining to push deeper into the tight depths of her sex, the sensation of its thumb roughly rubbing her clit slowly crossing the line from pleasure to pain pushing her growing orgasm over the edge.

Prue cried out in masochistic bliss as she came, her orgasm more powerful than anything she’d ever experienced. Lost among the overwhelming mix of pleasure and pain Prue no longer cared if she lived or died, she only cared about her next rapidly approaching orgasm, one promising to be even more powerful than the last. The creature slowly pulled Prue backward using the chain above her to swing her body higher into the air. Prue whimpered in delight as she felt the huge bulging tip of the creature’s cock sliding across enflamed folds of her sex, her arousal coating the creature’s cold, massive cock with the slick warmth of her wetness. Overwhelmed by the erotic intensity of the sensations coursing through her Prue failed to realize the creature’s true intentions until lubricated by nothing more than Prue’s own wetness she felt the inhumanly massive tip of its cock pressing firmly into the tightness of her anus.

Screaming in agony Prue felt the muscles of her anus slowly ripping apart to accommodate the bulging head creature’s cock as the creature slowly and brutally violated her ass. Then, when she couldn't imagine it could get any worst, the unimaginably painful sensation of its massive shaft straining the depths of her rectum as the creature pulled her hips roughly back to sheath the full length of its cock deep into her guts even as, to her horror, Prue felt her next mind blowing orgasm arrive.

Two hours later as she desperately tried to catch her breath between orgasms Prue starred down in horrified shock at the way the normally smooth skin of her upper abdomen bulged obscenely to accommodate the probing shaft of the creature’s immense cock with each brutally painful thrust into her ass. The utterly terrifying way the pressure against the underside of her diaphragm forced the air out of her lungs as she took the full length of its icy cold shaft deep into her belly. Prue was just beginning to think this creature intended to fuck her to death when its hands suddenly tightened around her waist as it started climax deep inside her guts.

A sudden unimaginably painful cramping sensation exploded through Prue’s guts as what felt like gallons of ice cold zombie cum filled her intestines as the creature climaxed. Finally finished the creature pulled out of her painfully full intestines and to Prue’s horror walked over and ominously retrieved its discarded knife and meat hook. Pausing to once again stare at her with those terrifying lifeless eyes Prue fully expected to die when unexpectedly the creature simply turned and walked off into the darkness.

Alone in the silent darkness of the catacombs Prue hung by her wrists too exhausted to press herself back up onto her toes to relieve the agonizing strain on her aching shoulders. All the while, the painful cramping sensations in her guts grew steadily worse. Finally accepting that there was nothing else she could do Prue willed her tightly clenched anal muscles to relax and surrendered to the inevitable. Within seconds an icy torrent of zombie cum exploded out her ass, running down the insides of her legs and splashing across the stone floor. As the flood of cum slowly subsided Prue glanced down at the sickening pool of gray fluid around her feet and suddenly noticed something utterly revolting. Struggling to keep from ending up choking to death on her own vomit Prue stared in horror at the pool of zombie cum under her toes, things in that pool were moving, that zombie’s cum was teaming with maggots.

Already going into shock, the sight of dozens of zombies approaching out of the darkness barely registered in Prue’s mind even as she felt teeth start to painfully rip into her flesh. The last thing Prue saw, one of the zombies pulling loops of intestines out of her belly and eagerly devouring them as she died...