When Valerie, a long term fan of my snuff films, contacted me with a personal request, I was more than willing to grant her final request. On the night before her thirtieth birthday Valerie wished to star in her own snuff film but being a popular Hollywood film star didn’t want anyone who would see the film of her final performance to recognize her. I also found her proposed method of hiding her identity highly intriguing.

Arriving at the dilapidated warehouse that concealed my mobile studio, Valerie looked ravaging. Dressed in a pair of skin tight yoga pants and a sport bra and carrying a duffle bag, she asked, “Is there someplace I can change?”

Pointing out the door to my studio’s bathroom, she smiled, “Thanks. I’ll be ready in about twenty minutes.”

As jaded as I’ve become, I think my jaw actually dropped when Valerie walked out the bathroom, the sexy girl next store look was gone, replaced by a fetish vision in polished, skin tight black latex that left absolutely nothing to the imagination. From her six-inch heels to her provocative face concealing hood Valerie’s all-encompassing latex cat suit accented her curves while revealing nothing more about Valerie’s identity than her eyes and ruby-red lips. Valerie was a truly an erotic fetish sight to behold.

Pausing to do a momentary pique before me in her heels, Valerie smiled, “So, you like what you see?”

Smiling behind my distinctive metal mask, “You look incredible Valerie. If I hadn’t already agreed to your terms...”

Smiling coyly, Valerie walked over and submissively placed her wrist in the open wall mounted restraints. “I know Ghost, I agree, I do look smoking hot in latex, so after you finish gutting me, if you want to take liberties with my corpse, you have my permission, although since I’ll be dead it’s not like you’ll really need it.”

Stepping close, I could feel Valerie tremble as I slid my hands up along her latex sheathed arms and closed the restraints around her wrists. Desperately wanting to take off my face concealing mask to kiss her, I refrained, knowing that the abattoir's cameras were already recording the scene for posterity. Picking up the harness penis gag with its oversized rubber cock, I wasn’t surprised to see Valerie willingly open her mouth, the massive phallic shaped intruder slipping across her tongue as it filled her mouth. Clinching the straps tight, I briefly marveled at Valerie’s self-control, from experience, I knew the oversized head of that gag’s rubber cock had to be pushing back well past her tonsils, but even as I tightened the straps she wasn’t gagging. In fact, from the disturbing look of submissive enjoyment in her eyes, I wondered if the rumors of her doing fetish porn before she became a Hollywood star were actually true.

Re-focusing on Valerie’s script, I clinched the final strap of the harness gag tight and reached for the knife. I could see the look of fear in Valerie’s eyes as she watched me pick up that knife. We both knew that the moment of truth had finally arrived, and unlike the damsel in distress she often played in many of her films, this time there would be no last minute reprieve.

Grasping her throat with my left hand, I pushed her back against the wall as I positioned the knife, the tip of the blade dimpling the polished black latex just below her sternum. Our eyes met in a brief timeless moment of erotic anticipation, before I slowly pushed the blade into Valerie’s guts.

I could see her eyes open wide. The sudden, overwhelming pain hitting her, as the blade’s cold sharp steel slipped deep into her guts. With fans, I’m never sure what to expect. Some are masochists. Some are not. With Valerie, I could tell immediately that she was a true masochist.

Smiling with sadistic anticipation behind my face concealing mask, I savagely twisted the razor-sharp blade of the knife within Valerie’s guts. That familiar look of horror appearing in her tear-filled eyes as those unexpected waves of agony exploded through her already fatally abused body.

Pausing, I looked directly into Valerie’s eyes, where through the pain, I could clearly see that look of anticipation. Then, gripping the handle of the knife tightly, I slowly pulled the blade downward through her guts, the tip of the blade grating against the vertebra of Valerie’s spine as the razor-sharp blade opened her belly from her sternum to her crotch. In seconds, her mutilated entrails were spilling out across my abattoir’s cold hard floor, in that delightful explosion of blood a gore that all my hard-core fans have long come to expect.

Still, even with her gut's spilling out onto the floor, I wasn’t surprised to see that sudden look of fear in Valerie’s eyes as I brought that knife up under her right latex sheathed breast. Although, I think, in her final moments, Valerie actually got off on the realization I wasn’t going to wait until she died before harvesting her famous breast implants for my gruesome collection...