It was late Friday evening and just starting to rain as I arrived at what I like to refer to as my modest little beach house in the Hamptons. Situated in a wooded 32-acre estate my modest little beach house is actually a three story, 24 bedroom, 78,000 square foot Victorian Mansion built by my great-grandfather, a founding partner at one of Wall Street’s most prestigious investment firms, back in the 1920’s.

Unpacking, I changed out of my conservative Wall Street business suit and into that sexy little lace chemise I’d picked up at one of my favorite Paris boutiques. Listening to the sound of the now heavy rain pounding against the master suite’s windows I was happily looking forward to a quite weekend of relaxation when it happened.

One moment the feeling of warm humid air against my skin turned into a chilling sensation of coldness. Turning away from the windows I stared in horror as the room around me dissolved into a swirling cloud of darkness as something, something terrifying and utterly beyond comprehension slowly began to emerge from the darkness.

Instinctively I backed away as the creatures huge fang bordered mouth started to open, the sharp repugnant smell of rot and decay on its foul breath, until I found myself trapped with my back pressed against the glass of the windows. Suddenly dozens of slimy tentacles shot from the depths of the creature’s throat and coiled tightly around my body in a crushing embrace before effortlessly pulling me, screaming, feet first into its fang lined mouth.

Sharon was still screaming hysterically as the creature’s mouth closed above her head its tentacles dragging her struggling form deep down into its cavernous belly, there to be slowly and painfully digested alive over the coming days. Moments later the creature, known in the darkness as a Grappler, disappeared back into the darkness as the portal between the worlds closed leaving no evidence of the horrors that just occurred...

Excerpt, classified government report, agency name redacted, dated Monday August 16, 2014. “The latest disappearance fit’s the investigation profile. At approximately 7:50 PM Eastern Time on Friday August 14, 2014 the Keyhole 12 satellite detected a short duration EMP event consistent with past observed events. Investigation teams dispatched to site determined that another woman vanished that night from the event's location during a moderate to severe weather event, in this case heavy precipitation from an off shore tropical depression, the victim’s current status and whereabouts unknown. This appears to be the latest in a related string of disappearances, first of which occurred in the mountains east of Seattle Washington at approximately 9:18 PM Pacific Time on the night of November 8, 2013. Worldwide, to date, reconnaissance satellites have detected a total of 12,678 short duration EMP events consistent with this energy signature with 5014 of these events occurring within North America. Of these North American events 5008 have matched confirmed disappearances of beautiful young women between 20 and 30 years of age.”