Take a beautiful, willing, and scantily clad damsel in distress. One thatís fated to endure an obscenely slow and painfully agonizing demise, locked within this terrifying medieval instrument of torturous death, the agonizingly diabolic Iron Maiden. Add a skilled and cruelly sadistic executioner, and we have all the makings of a brutally entertaining and fiendishly bloody ďGimp,Ē Girl in Mortal Peril storyline.

In a few moments, this storyís brutal agonizing tale will commence with the executioner tying my wrists together behind my back before opening the Iron Maiden and strapping me tightly within its claustrophobic confines. Then, helplessly trapped, Iíll stare in mounting terror as he slowly closes its horrifying spike-lined door. Moments later, the Iron Maidenís door locks closed, sealing my fate as it drives its rows of razor-sharp spikes deep into my body and eyes.

The excruciating hours of suffering will become long days of obscene, unrelenting agony as my high-pitched screams slowly fade to soft, desperate cries. Helplessly impaled upon the Iron Maidenís brutally cruel spikes, I slowly bleed to death for my executionerís amusement.

Days spent enduring a slow, horrifyingly agonizing death within this obscenely brutal Iron Maiden, simply for my killerís sickly twisted amusement. All this sounds erotically enticing since itís one of my darkest masochistic desires...